NTY They will outgrow the tank and likely kill the other fish and by then you're attached to the fish and it's a hassle getting it out of the tank. Electric blue damsel. One, 40 just isn't very many gallons in general. For best care, it should be housed in an aquarium of at least 100 gallons with ample room to swim. Royal gramma is another option, as is chalk basslet, fairy wrasse, and flasher wrasse. Like other Tangs, this member of the Acanthuridae family demonstrates territorial aggression towards its own species, or Tangs in general. The bottom line is, what I was going to do was not immoral at all, because the fish would be given a MUCH larger home after I raised it to a decent size.
20 gallon long sump. I have a friend with a 180 gallon tank that trades with me all the time and I am sure he can house a tang when it is too large for my 55 gallon tank. Juveniles that are very small (up to 5") can be started out in a 75 gallon tank that is 4 feet long. I'm setting up a 55 gallon reef (40 inches x 19 inches x 16 inches I think are the dimensions) and I know there are lots of different opinions but would I be able to have a kole tang once my tank is cycled?

Gobies are always a great choice, and some species will pair with certain species of pistol shrimp for a very entertaining symbiotic relationship. Therefore, it is best to keep just one Yellow Hawaiian Tang per aquarium, unless … As they are heavily collected, there will be times when tiny specimens as small as 2 inches are available. Two, a 40 gallon doesn't have the length to allow free swimming room. Hi everyone. The Yellow Hawaiian Tang is also known as the Yellow Sailfin Tang or Yellow Surgeonfish. 165w Mars full spectrum LED's X 2. Your happy Yellow Tang needs a minimum tank size of 125 gallons by the time they are 5" long, and the tank should be at least 6 feet long due to their active swimming habits. Six line wrasse. Kole tang in 55 gallon. Yellow tangs reach lengths of up to 8 inches, so they are a pretty big fish. I've seen many examples of multiple tangs living happily in larger tanks. 40 gallon reef tank. Couple of reasons why. Yellow tang. yellow tang and clownfish in 10 gal is it good to have a yellow tang that is about 3 1/2 inches and a clownfish that is bout 2 inches in a ten gallon im kinda worried how the yellow tang will react. No tang belongs in a 40BR IMO. Keeping fish anyway. The Tomini and the Squaretail would be … If you don't keep corals, you could look into a dwarf angel- very active and tons of personality. I have a Yellow in my 90 gallon and he is okay but I won't be adding any other fish as long as he is in there. They will outgrow the tank and likely kill the other fish and by then you're attached to the fish and it's a hassle getting it out of the tank. If you have too few they will establish a hierarchy and pick on each other. Tangs are active social creatures who appreciate the company of others so you should have about 5 tangs in a 75, preferably more. I would not suggest putting any tang in a 40. Blue/Green Chromis x4. Purple fire fish. They need a 100 gallon tank if you plan on keeping them until adulthood, but something like a 150 gallon or larger would be better.

You should have at least one tang per 15 gallons. That said, I've never seen it done in a 40 gallon, and I don't think a 40 gallon is big enough to do it. By Patrick225, September 28, 2013 in ... Community Member; 46 posts; September 28, 2013; Posted September 28, 2013.

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