Diagram Location. If you kill the camp you get a lot of goodies.

Talk to him, and he'll direct you to another section of the sewers, where the head of the operation is; that person is the one who has the documents in question.And in the swamps, freeing the three groups of enslaved brickmakers doesn't give you the documents. The Scoia'tael use this camp as a base of operations for assaulting military caravans that pass through the area. Scoia’tael Gwent Cards (37 Cards Total) The Scoia’tael deck contains a total of 37 available Gwent cards in the Witcher 3 game. Enlarge this map. Diagram Scoia'tael Sword Information . Fast-travel to the "Logger’s Hut" signpost, which is south-west of Novigrad, then head south and slightly east into the forest to find the elven Merchant in the Scoia’tael camp. 2x Leather Straps; 2x Dark Steel Ingot . This camp is located northwest of Inn at the Crossroads. I've pretty much disliked the scoia'tael since the first Witcher game since they tricked me into letting them pick up some supplies, which turned out to be some nasty weapons they used on some civilian townspeople. The innkeep in Urialla Harbor, who also has some cards for sale 3.

Weapon Specs. The armorer in Larvik 2. The Blue Stripes to Scoia'tael optional file changes Roche's people into Iorveth's elves (men only, no dwarves or women), Ortensio is swapped to Aegar from Ciri's Payback quest. Materials Needed. dbl219 5 years ago #7. Cross the pond and continue following the tracks to the south-east until you come to a Scoia'tael camp. Defeat 4 deserters (lvl 10). Enlarge this map. 245 Damage; Crit Chance +10% . You come here in the Witcher Contract, Woodland Beast, if you convince the Scoia'tael Archer at the Scoia'tael Watchpost to bring you to their Leader. The Ciri card is called the Cirilla Fiona Elen Rianno, and it is the second most powerful card in the game. When it will have about 1/5 of his life, it summon 5-6 wolves (lvl 22). This page will contain information of the cards that can be added to a Scoia'tael deck of Gwent cards in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Rescued person is Scoia'tael who will go to small camp in the south. ... but be prepared for an attack by a Scoia'tael …

More information will be added when the game is released. ... Head to the refugee camp southeast of the Border Post in Velen and look for Felix Grubb. Iorveth and the Scoia'tael were played like fiddles by Emry, and they hate the Northern Kingdoms as it is. When it will have about 1/5 of his life, it summon 5-6 wolves (lvl 22).

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