Gerbils eat a mix of rodent pellets, seeds, fruits and vegetables, and insects. Instead, they rely on their smaller size and surprising speed for that! These creatures are used to running around from shelter to shelter, working to avoid conflict so that they never have to have a physical altercation. You should also allocate more time for play and provide a ‘chew toy.’ This helps stimulate gerbil’s natural sense of curiosity, giving them a ‘new’ area to explore and keeping them active. The issue is that rodent teeth are as solid like a rock.

They are harder than iron, which is why rodents can gnaw through improbable things like metal pipes.

Even worse, the chewing wears the bars thin over time, allowing the gerbil a way to escape. To reduce the risk of infection, you should wash the affected area immediately and apply some disinfectant or antiseptic cream.

Some Gerbil tips and facts. They may also bite the bars of their enclosure to wear their teeth down.

This is why a gerbil may sometimes bite the bars of its cage. Fill the gerbil cage with bedding such as corn cob, hay, or shredded cardboard. Then, cover the bite mark with a plaster or … To reduce the risk of infection, make sure to wash the bite or scratch wound with antibacterial soap and warm water as soon as possible. Gerbils have a longer lifespan than some rodents such as rats, or mice. Despite popular belief, gerbils don't depend on their teeth and bite strength for protection.

He could be lonely or not have ample, safe chewing materials. You can use alfalfa grass as a filler with any of these bedding options. This is especially important if your skin is broken.

Carefully place your gerbil back in its cage before dealing with your bite wound.
Your gerbil may be biting the bars of his cage for many reasons. Gerbils can carry germs, just like any creature. When cleaning out their cage place items back into the cage in different places. You can prevent scratching and biting by buying a more spacious gerbilarium, such as the Savic Habitat Gerbil Cage. Cover a mild cut …

Not only can the noise be quite annoying, but gerbils can also remove the protective covering of the bars in time, and as a result make their cage look quite unsightly. Keep a variety of food for them in the cage. If it is a small cage, the gerbil will likely chew to get out. Gerbils bite and scratch their cage due to boredom, a desire to escape, and because their cage is too small. Firstly, gerbils are obsessive nibblers, and you will often find that gerbils in cages drive you mad with the non-stop gnawing on their cage bars.

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