Mouse removal is easy with our professional grade mouse glue traps. Mouse Traps, Rodent Controls & Repellents Filter by Order online (53) Pest Control. For best results, use more than one trap at a time. Dispose of the glue trap after use – don’t attempt to remove pests and reuse. hi we used to be able to buy mouse glue traps from out local diy shop but they dont sell them anymore so was wondering if anyone knows where we can get them from, dont really want to put down bait as it might kill them.

Visit our site to find a location.
Discard only dead mice with trap. This trap is not cruel if you check it often so the mouse that you catch is not on it very long. These traps are incredibly sticky to hold rats in place and control rats without the use of poison. Homeowners can place them along their walls or in common areas where mice travel. Mouse glue traps are typically small sheets of paper with a strong adhesive substance on the top of them. KINGMAN Mouse Trap Rat Trap Glue Trap/Board (Large Size) (5 Pack / 10 Traps) Rodent Trap Safe Easy Non-toxic 4.4 out of 5 stars 435 $18.30 $ 18 . Search by zip code, online and international retailers. Model: Easy Mouse Trap Extra Sticky Mouse Glue Boards Rodent Glue Trap With Large Capture Area Mouse Trap And Rat Traps For Mice Rats 12-PACK from R1 870.00 at 30 Mouse Trap, Mice/Rat Glue Traps, Peanut Butter Scented Mouse Glue Boards, Indoor and Outdoor Extra Large Sticky Boards, Suitable for Capturing Indoor and Outdoor Harmful Animals and Pests (8 Pack) 4.2 out of 5 stars 304 We took the mouse and trap to a field near the woods and sprayed its feet with a squirt bottle filled with some dish washing liquid and water. If you’re going with electronic traps, consider a higher-end model that uses both battery and electricity as its power sources. Do your own rodent control with our cost-effective, easy to use mouse glue traps. This one features a bait (such as peanut butter, cheese or bacon), luring the rodent to enter the tube. If no pests are caught in 2 to 3 days, move the trap to a new location.

That set his feet free from the glue …

Bird Spikes; Fake & Decoy Owls; Lawn Pest & Weed Control; Weed Killer & Garden Pest Control; Household Pest Control. Unlike the glue trap and the snap trap, this one delivers an instant death, resulting to less suffering of the mouse. Carefully separate Real-Kill Glue Traps. Read the entire label before using. Find out where to buy Victor® Rat & Mouse Traps. Once inside, the mouse gets electrocuted. Place glue side up on floors along walls lengthwise or where pests have been seen or suspected. When a mouse or other rodent steps on it, the adhesive holds them in place indefinitely.

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