Today they are used to make many of the super magnets in all sorts of micro-devices. The lanthanides are also used as phosphors in color television sets. For instance, cobalt-samarium magnets are very strong permanent magnets.

In the refining industry, for example, the lanthanides are used as catalysts in the conversion of crude oil into gasoline, kerosene, diesel and heating oil, and other products.

Alloys of iron often contain trace amounts for super hardening. 7…Applications of lanthanides in developing technology In the production of high temperature superconductors Used to prepare highly reflective glass Mercury-vapor lamps Nuclear fuel rods Radar detection devices In the production of Lasers, optical glass, fiber optics and masers 12/31/2016 9

When you mix it with oxygen or fluorine, it can also be used to create carbon-arc lamps — … Some lanthanides have unusual magnetic properties.

They have also been used as shielding materials, and as structural components in reactors. Less common uses include the electron source in many scanning electron microscopes and microprobes. Because they absorb neutrons, they have been used in control rods used to regulate nuclear reactors. Phosphors are chemicals that glow with various colors when struck by electrons. The lanthanides have a variety of nuclear applications. For many years, lathanides were used to make the color phosphors in televisions and other CRT displays. If you wear or use specialized lenses, you may have encountered lanthanum, which is used in the manufacture of glass lenses for a variety of applications. It’s primarily used as a phosphor in television sets — though some research has shown that at low temperatures, it could be used as a superconductor as well. For … One such application is as catalysts, substances that speed up chemical reactions.

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