To use Android as a mouse, all you have to do is create a new server and client functionality between your Android device and Windows system. AndroMouse lets you convert your Android smartphone into a wireless mouse, keyboard, media remote, file browser and much more. Mouse broken? Here is How to Use Android Phone as Mouse for PC or turn a phone into wireless Remote Mouse. Alas! Click " Connect ", waiting for your Android device connect with your PC.

For a htpc, so it can pair with the Bluetooth module and just be a keyboard and touch pad on the top half of the screen, ideally using standard or generic drivers in the common small Linux htpc oses. In this case, Windows acts as a server and the Android device acts as the client. 1. Turn your phone into a computer mouse with Remote Mouse. While on the other Android devices, you can connect the peripherals such as a mouse wirelessly through Bluetooth.

For this to work, both devices involved need to be compatible with OTG. Okay, Not everyone uses wired keyboard and mouse. There are many third party Apps are available to get this feature. Android P adds support for the Bluetooth HID device profile, which allows Android smartphones to be used as a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse for connected devices. You can install the app on an iPhone, Android phone, or even a Windows Phone. For example, my girlfriend and I would watch videos on my GS2 hooked up to the TV while we use her GS2 to start/stop playback, navigate to … Method 1: Using Android OTG to Connect a Mouse. Why would one use an Android phone as a mouse? The free version will let you use your phone as a mouse, keyboard, and give you access to other media remote functions. Many of the Android devices that are available in the market can be connected to the PC peripherals with the help of USB OTG cable. Though sounds complicated, it is pretty easy to do. Are you ready? beefsack writes "Miniand have demonstrated how to control Linux using a Samsung Galaxy S2.Using an MK802 with the ARM build of Droidmote server bundled into an MK802 Lubuntu image with uinput enabled, Miniand demonstrates (video) using an Android phone as a keyboard, mouse, and gamepad over Wi-Fi to the device." Because of this "feature" I do not use Android Auto at all. The batteries drain down quickly so I have to put them on charge and while they are charging, I use my phone as a keyboard and mouse.

Otherwise I … You can use it to control a Windows, Mac, or Linux PC. There are apps for this, but only that use Windows or OSX as server. However, most of them require a Wi-Fi network between devices, and this requires a router. by xarvox XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. Turn your phone into a computer mouse with Remote Mouse. Remote Mouse lets you use your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone as a touchpad to control your onscreen cursor in a pinch. Once connected, you will see the following image:

I don't know of any application that enables you to use your smartphone as a Mouse via USB connection. The batteries drain down quickly so I have to put them on charge and while they are charging, I use my phone as a keyboard and mouse.

Run the WiFi Mouse client and activate WiFi on your phone, your phone and laptop must be connected to the same WiFi network.

I have wireless (Bluetooth) keyboard and mouse which run on AA batteries.

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