Formerly known as Turritopsis nutricula, the creature capable of such an amazing feat is a very specialized jellyfish.. Polyps are sessile creatures that stay attached to a substratum.
Younger turritopsises have only 8 tentacles and … Pronunciation of Turritopsis nutricula with 2 audio pronunciations, 1 meaning, 1 translation and more for Turritopsis nutricula. How to say Turritopsis nutricula in English? Turritopsis nutricula is a small hydrozoan that once reaching adulthood, can transfer its cells back to childhood. It belongs to the Phylum Cnidaria.Jellyfish can exist in polyp form, as medusa, or can alternate between both. The diminutive creature would go unnoticed if not for its unique ability to regenerate its cells indefinitely.
Turritopsis nutricula is a tiny jellyfish, with a bell size of less than 1/4 inch. They are tiny creatures. Turritopsis Dohrnii. T. dohrnii falls under the last category. The turritopsis dohrnii is bell-shaped and it is at maximum 4.5mm (0.18 inch) tall and wide. Several different species of the genus Turritopsis were formerly classified as T. nutricula, including the "immortal jellyfish" which is now classified as T. dohrnii. This adaptive trait likely evolved in order to extend the life of the individual.

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