Brine is too salty and oily tuna - eugh. Which is best? Tuna salads and more. Pams Skipjack tuna chunks in spring water . beansprout Fri 14-Sep-07 17:36:10. Chunk vs. Flake: These terms just indicate how the tuna was packaged. ... It’s comprised mostly of liquid and small chunks of tuna (albeit white) half of which squirts out of the can with the liquid packing juice (which represents about half the weight of what you are buying). This is the same quality tuna loins which are in the Steak and Chunk packs which have been flaked for greater convenience. “White tuna” has an official definition: It’s albacore (which tastes mild and feels firm), and it scores high on a color test. Most simply, light tuna is tuna that isn’t white. (13 Posts) Add message | Report. The only canned tuna that gets an “ocean friendly” green light from this organization is “troll-caught,” “pole-caught” and “pole-and-line-caught” tuna (check the labels for these terms)—methods that have little or no “bycatch.” Another advantage of poll/troll-caught tuna is that these fish tend to be younger and smaller and thus have less mercury. EDIT: just incase those that can't figure it out, chunks are tuna that comes in chunks, solid are of course larger and more solid, and flakes are what it sounds like, flakes all compressed together. Canned tuna labeled as flakes, comes from skipjack. Is there a difference in the quality of the fish? Solid means it was packaged as a whole loin piece, chunks come from broken pieces of … Canned tuna labeled as chunks, come from bluefin. What is the difference between Chunk light tuna and Flake light tuna?

Tuna labeled “light” is pretty much everything else. 4 cans of tuna are £2.50+ in the local supermarket whereas 4 tins of Tuna Flakes in £land are.....£1.

Forgot to add the question. Does anybody know if there is a reason not to buy the flakes as opposed to the chunks? Add message | Report.

laura032004 Fri 14-Sep-07 17:34:18. Spring water. Or is it two different types of tuna. Tuna casseroles and melts. What Is Chunk Light Tuna? Er the difference is in how they're packed. Solid tuna means that it has larger, firmer pieces with fewer flakes; whereas chunk tuna comes in smaller pieces that vary in size. • Solid vs. This is the best nutritionally as it has the least sodium (190mg/100g) and no added fats. Appart from one being chunks & john west branded there was no difference. What's the difference? I think they are one down from steak, aren't they?

May 5, 2009 Edit. When I went to the supermarket and I was in canned aisle looking at the different types of tuna and their prices, I noticed that Chunk Light Tuna costed more than Flake Light Tuna. Tinned tuna - chunks or steak, in oil, brine or spring water? Are tuna chunks like formed ham? We have hundreds of 5-star recipes for tuna, the incredibly versatile fish. By Roxanne Webber. Chunks have a very broad usage being ideal for salads, sandwiches and both hot and cold recipes.John West also sells flaked sandwich Tuna. Chunk, solid, flakes. Tuna steaks and cakes.

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