In most of the Punjabi costumes Phulkari is very common. Still in some regions in Punjab, the traditional ghagra has been using to wear. It is enveloped with bright colours and high-spirited people that can be best expressed through their traditional garbs. Punjabi weddings are based on traditions and are conducted with strong reflection of the Punjabi culture followed by several pre-wedding customs and rituals (dholki,mayun,ubtan etc.

The traditional dresses of Punjab are very colourful, unique and vibrant. Punjab is widely-known for its rich heritage and bright Punjabi traditional dresses all across the globe. The Punjabi suit is made up of a kurta or kameez and a straight cut … Glimpses of traditional Punjabi culture can be seen in the Western world (e.g.

Latest Fashion Designs is About Traditional Dress of Punjabi Girl, Punjabi Dresses Like All Indian Girls Dresses Punjabi Patiala Suits Punjabi Palazzo Sets and More, Punjabi Dresses Online Buy, Punjabi Suit: The is the traditional dress of Punjabi women. Jutti is commonly made of leather with a lot of embroideries, in silver and gold threads. Punjabi music and dance The most prominent musical art form in Punjabi culture is the Bhangra and it is slowly taking over the mainstream music industry. The traditional dress for women is the salwar suit which replaced the traditional Punjabi ghagra. So, the Punjabi dress has the unique taste and aesthetic taste. Punjab contains one of the oldest and the richest cultures in the world which is exhibited in every possible way. The Punjabi Pagg Pagdi or Turban A generation ago, the turban was the “crowning glory” of all Punjabis whether Muslim, Hindu or Sikh. The Patiala salwar is also very popular in Punjab and now it is known as Punjabi dress. Punjabi Tradition. Punjab traditional costumes in modern days: 1. The dress is very comfort and seems dignified. The traditional dress for Punjabi men is the kurta and tehmat, which is being replaced by the kurta and pajama, especially the popular muktsari style in India. The Punjabi wedding has many rituals and ceremonies that have evolved since traditional times. Crafts. )Punjabi weddings are very loud, energetic, full of music,colors, fancy-dresses, food and dancing. Dressing: The traditional dress of Punjab is kurta which has been replaced by the time with kurta and pajama for men and salwar suit for women. Women wear Salwar kameez (Salwar is the bottom wear and kameez upper). Punjabi Ghagra was widely used by women before the advent of the Punjabi suit. Men wear a Turban with great pride. India is the land of colours the concept of eastern oriental charm gets ruefully heightened by the colour mavericks of costumes of Punjab. The floral design has made it very special for the costumes of women in Punjab. The traditional dress of Punjabi men includes the traditional shoes called the Jutti. Chola: Punjabi people gave value to the Chola dresses.

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