"I'm a traditionalist. History Edit. And I'd call him really burning insults, like 'carpet bagger.'" I talk about Star Wars "hidden-in-plain sight" relevance and talk about my experience with meeting ArchAngel Metatron. Archangel is a group of monsters in Summoners War that consists of 5 natural 5 star monsters. The Archangel was created by the Killian Shipyards of the Black Star Confederacy.The first ship of its class, it was developed in 15 ABY and finally launched in 17 ABY.Unfortunately before it's maiden voyage it was hit by a terrorist attack and many members of the crew were killed along with the Captain, leaving Lt. Aliya Vell to take over as Captain of the Archangel. Monsters: Fire Archangel Velajuel, Water Archangel Ariel, Wind Archangel Eladriel, Light Archangel Artamiel, Dark Archangel Fermion

If I were to become a villain, I'd buy a top hat and grow a mustache. Then I'd wax it and curl it into handlebars and cackle maniacally while I gave the hero what for. — Nathaniel Turner and John Martin Archangel has been a member of the SWE community since July 6, 2004. His true identity is only given away on my blog @ https://diivyneos.webs.com.


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