Wherefore did I fly from thee? Honest Ocean! … Yvette Champ - A well written sailor's lament, especially liked the line " starboard dreams" and the allusion of the horizon being a window. Listen and read along to 'Mermaid's Lament'. Sailor's Lament . The sea in calm Poem 2. Post A Comment. I want to swim away to shore, stand up on my own two feet and walk ... About Mermaid’s Lament. by Rachel Rooney. Well done indeed. SNIPE'S LAMENT. Poems Here are the most loved poems and readings for funerals. Wen the soft sea breeze flows, my voce will sound When soft the rain falls my tears will cry When shadows dance upon spring tides You will know I am here - I did not die. Merry Ocean! The Sailor's Lament for the Sea. Sea Fever by John Masefield; The Sailor's Appeal by Lydia Howard Sigourney; A Sailor Bold by Annette Wynne; The Sailor's Consolation by Charles Dibdin; The Optimistic Skipper by Anonymous; The Pilot Lost by Hannah Flagg Gould; The Mariner's Dream by William Dimond; A Sailor Ballad by Ruby Archer; The Old Sailor by Margaret E. …

And most of us have read a book or heard a lusty tale, about these men who sail these ships through lightning, wind and hail. Listen and read along to 'Mermaid's Lament'. This 124-line poem is often considered an elegy, since it appears to be spoken by an old sailor looking back on his life and preparing for death. Home; Explore; Teach; My Archive. Mermaid’s Lament .

Most beautiful sea poems ever written. 0. Now each of us from time to time has gazed upon the sea and watched the mighty warships pulling out to keep this country free. I hope you find comfort in these eloquent Irish blessings. Navigation. … Wherefore did I fly from thee? by Barry Cornwall. Thou, whatever wind came fawning, Ever wast a friend to me: Joy was on thy morning billows, Quiet on thine evening wave; In the South a world of pleasures, In the North—at least a grave. About Sailors. Add to MyArchive. Search this site. he was struck by misfortune so undeserved, that it vexes my mind to no end. The sea Poem 1. Merry Ocean! Lyrics to 'Sailor's Lament' by Creedence Clearwater Revival: Woke up early feelin' light Shame, it's a shame Somebody got to me last night Shame, it's a shame She is an object of beauty and I stand watching her till at last she fades on the horizon and someone at my side says: "She is gone." Latest Comments. by Barry Cornwall. Sea poems from famous poets and best sea poems to feel good. Sailer's Lament captures the smell of fear brought by being in a war. The sea in calm Poem 2. A Sailor's Lament. The sea Poem 5. Honest Ocean! The Old Sail-Boat The sea king. The rhyme also enhances the work. Wherefore did I fly from thee? Surname* : comment. A Sailors Lament. By: Unknown Submitted by: Jim Spaulding, DC2 NAVINACTSHIPFAC, Phila., PA USS PRAIRIE (AD-15) 2/66-10/69 From the collection of William (Bill) D. Wilson, BMC USN (Ret.) the sailor's lament on a sailor's grave, no roses grow, no grass, no stone to show the resting place that will always be, his billet in the sea the silent shark stands watch, for all eternity so lonely he will never be, in that billet in the sea he sallied forth while young at heart to sail upon the sea

Poems about the Sea. ... Add to MyArchive. by Barry Cornwall. When my sailor's clothes are torn and frilled For my Captain, I love, but you, I love more And although beside him I now stand I'd rather be sailing, hand in hand Alongside my lover, iron-willed report violation.

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