The three kilometer long hike starts at Briksdalsbre Mountain Lodge, the hike takes around one hour each way. Briksdalsbreen Glacier in Olden, Nordfjord, is an arm of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier. From. The Oldedalen Valley From Olden, drive the Oldedalen … The journey starts at Jostedalen Hotel. The glacier museum is not large, but does give some interesting facts about Jostedalsbreen glacier, its formation, its evolution and lastly, it is a perfect pre-hike stop. Go explore an icy kingdom, in all shades of blue. Glacier hiking at Nigardsbreen 4 hours, with guide 4 hours . Glacier hiking Glacier Hiking Folgefonna Start from Bergen 11h, 30min ( (hike 4,5 h ) From. The largest glacier in continental Europe is retreating fast. Historical evidence shows that the Nigardsbreen glacier was at its biggest in the year 1748. Glacier hiking at Nigardsbreen 5 hours, with guide

Soon after, in the autumn of 2007, researchers discovered a spectacularly large, pristine ice cave beneath the Nigardsbreen region of Norway’s Jostedal Glacier National Park.

Our glaciers hold a special secret during the cold months of winter. The Nigardsbreen glacier houses a magic world of ice and snow, with amazig blue colours, which can not be seen summertime. The cafe menu is limited, but fuel up on any last minute needs and be sure to purchase some water to bring along on your hike. The hike from Briksdalen Valley to the glacier is one of most scenic hikes in Norway.

Jostedal Glacier or Jostedalsbreen is the largest glacier in continental Europe.It is in Vestland county in Western Norway. When you drive up the scenic valley of Jostedalen, you will end up at the Breheimsenteret - the national park centre, with an architecture inspired by the glacier formations. In many ways, Jostedalsbreen is the very heart of Norway. Blue Ice Cave. Glacier walk on the Tystig glacier from Stryn 7 hours . With a guide, uncover the magical blue world under the Nigardsbreen glacier. Listen to the sound … Wintertime you can safely enter underneath the glacier and experience the beatuiful Blue Ice Cave. Staying safe on the Norwegian glaciers Planning a hiking trip in Norway needs careful attention at the best of times, but never more so than around glaciers. Catch this wonder of nature while you still can. From. Jostedalsbreen lies in the municipalities of Luster, Sogndal, Sunnfjord, and Stryn.The highest peak in the area is Lodalskåpa at a height of 2,083 metres (6,834 ft). Spectacular glacier hiking in Norway. The ice cap at the centre of the Norwegian mountains is the largest glacier in continental Europe. This is one of the most accessible glaciers, where you can peer into the blue ice at very close range, and everyone above the age of five can join guides on glacier walks.

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