Nakshatra Meaning. The Ancient Hindu Sages divided the zodiac into 27 Nakshatras or lunar constellations. Mercury in Rahu’s Nakshatra – trade deals overseas is the key, but, some of these will be dubious in nature.

Mercury Mahadasha: A Mercury Dasha stresses on all the intellectual endeavors. Its’ symbol is group of hundred stars in a circle. The calculation of Nakshatras begin with Ashwini Nakshatra 0 degrees of Aries and ends on 30 degrees of Pisces covered by Revati Nakshatra. Satabhisha Nakshatra falls in a positive Kumbha rashi ruled by Saturn. General Characteristics: Harsh in their speech but truthful, suffer grief but conquer enemies, thoughtlessly engage in works, independent ways. Jupiter in Satabhisha can give you success in the latter half of your life, government job, good education, happiness, amiability and, familial comforts.

Mercury in Vishaka Nakshatra: Good writer, pleasing communication, artistic, if in last pada then too much thinking and confusion in thought process. Shatabhishaka is the Nakshatra owned by the Northern node Rahu.The entire span of this Nakshatra falls in the sign Kumbha (Aquarius), from 6°40' to 20°00'. Its deity is Varuna and Lord Shiva preside Satabhisha Nakshatra. … With their intrinsic affinity with reclusive loneliness, such natives are as much prone to scientific attitude as to philosophy, meditation and … Nakshatra; Satabhisha Nakshatra Pada 1 to 4; Range – Zodiac position – 6 Deg 40 to 20Deg of Aquarius.

A person's education gains importance, and people deal more with the communication aspects in their life. But they are very simple, principled people living a simple, straightforward life. Body part – The Jaw and right thigh Secrecy is the one quality which immediately separates Shatabishak from other nakshatras. If Mercury placed in Swati nakshatra is good position, the person is charming, great communicator and good at business. Ashlesha Nakshatra pada 3: falls in Aquarius navamsa ruled by Saturn.

Mercury in Satabhisha could make you a Government servant and provide you with, good place, curiosity in varied sciences/Sastras, Yogas for wealth after 30 years of age. This is good position for Mercury for success in higher education, job and making lot of wealth through it.

Those people have Saturn in swati nakshatra they can become good businessman because here Saturn know how to approach every level of people. Male Natives born under Satabhisha Nakshatra Physical features: They have a soft body, excellent memory power, wide forehead, attractive eyes, bright countenance, prominent nose and bulged abdomen. Sadly Venus is in the 8th house in Navamsa – Sagittarius. Dasha Ruling Planet – Rahu. Nature – Movable.

Symbolism of this nakshatra is a circle which looks like eclipse, it indicates the need for containment, Independence and solitude.

Nakshatra – Stars in Astrology, Nakshatra Astrology, Nakshatra Horoscope. Essentially opinionative by nature, natives of Satabhisha nakshatra include in their personality traits the elements of care and healing. They would appear to belong to a aristocratic family … Its another symbol is just a circle. Satabhisha means hundred physicians.

Ashlesha Nakshatra pada 2: falls in Capricorn navamsa ruled by Saturn. Mercury, Venus and Saturn are especially strong in this pada. Direction – South. These people are very hardworking and learning at all stages of life.

Saturn is exalted in swati nakshatra, Saturn is the planet of low class people. 4th Pada 16° 40′ – 20° 00′ Libra falls in Pisces Navamsa ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter in Satabhisha may give you success within the latter half of your life, authorities job, good …

People born in this Nakshatra have the appearance of a well-to-do person.

These people have a genuine interest in the occult maters. Shatabhisha nakshatra is also known as the veiling star, this Constellation is to some extent is secretive in nature and some aspects of the life one may always keep it as secret and let it reveal to anyone. Learning, writing, speech and communications are the fields of this planet, which come in play during this time span. These peoples are very ambitious.

They have a good memory and a tendency to remember all the bad experiences. Ashlesha Nakshatra pada 1: falls in Sagittarius navamsa ruled by Jupiter.

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