Highly Recommended: Click here for … Play the 3rd, triads can easily find familiar tunes to … The notes on the bass scales in A, D, E and G to begin with these exercises ⬇️. Scale Sheets/Fingering Charts. Anyone who wants to learn to play the bass should start with these basic scales, they are the easiest to play so we will use the easiest to touch fingerings that are upright bass scales. Major 7th – The 7th note is B#.

Perfect 4th – The 4th note of the scale is F#. Perfect 5th – The 5th note of the scale is G#. Major 3rd – The 3rd note of the scale is E#. Perfect 8th – The 8th note is C#. E flat Major Scale Intervals. Major 6th – The 6th note of the scale is A#. You don't need to remember the order of tones and semitones back-to-front, just write the scales backwards, starting on the right side of the stave instead of the left. If you need help figuring out what scale this would be in treble clef visit the Pitch Translation page.

Major Scales (B major to Cb major, both Treble and Bass Clef included on same sheet) Keep in mind the names of these scales are in concert pitch. Its key signature has three flats, E♭, A♭and B♭. This might be especially useful for beginner students playing bass clef instruments, for example the Trombone, who are starting with the bass rather than treble clef. The relative minor of E flat major is C minor. This music worksheet covers major key signatures on the bass clef. Major 2nd – The 2nd note of the scale is F. Major 3rd – The 3rd note of the scale is G. Perfect 4th – The 4th note of the scale is Ab. Title: Major Scales Bass Clef Author: Brian Kane Subject: Major Scales Bass Clef Created Date: 10/12/2004 8:44:09 PM

C Major scale in treble clef (G-clef) Below is the C major scale in treble clef: This worksheet cover minor key signatures, it might be a good one to combine with our other key signature worksheets.

Here's an example of the F major descending scale, using the bass clef. Major 2nd – The 2nd note of the scale is D#. C Major scale in most common clefs. 12 Major & 36 Minor Scales for All Instruments Jim Evans Treble Clef Major Scales Harmonic Minor Scales Melodic Minor Scales Natural Minor Scales Bass Clef C sharp Major Scale Intervals: Tonic – The 1st note of the C-sharp major scale is C#. It would be the same context in the scales, a concert Bb major scale would be the same as a C major scale in treble clef. Here is C major scale in most common clefs: treble clef, bass clef, tenor clef and alto clef. Pentatonic bass scales – Major Pentatonic and Minor Pentatonic

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