A brief background on the Halifax Explosion: The disaster occurred at 9:04:35 AM on the morning of Thursday, December 6, 1917. The Maritime Museum on the waterfront and good information: https:/…halifax-explosion If you google "Halifax Explosion Tours" you will find some information.Here are links with more information about Halifax: 1917 Halifax Explosion 6 December 1917 is a day indelibly etched in the hearts and minds of the citizens of Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The Halifax Explosion started when two ships collided in the harbor of the Nova Scotian capital of Halifax. Most people believe that World War II ended with V day on 8th May 1945, but the reality was that, after the resolution in Europe, war continued in the Pacific. Halifax is definitely a contender for the accidental blast that caused the largest loss of life and property damage. It was the result of an unlikely collision in the narrows of Halifax Harbour, involving the French ship, Mont Blanc - loaded with tons of wet and dry picric acid, TNT, gun cotton and benzol - and the Belgian Relief vessel, Imo, under Norwegian registry. I do not know though I think some of the private tour companies could organize that. It probably wasn't, strictly speaking, the largest non-nuclear explosion. Halifax explosion of 1917, disaster in Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada, in which a munitions ship exploded, killing nearly 2,000 people.
The First World War had been underway for three years, exposing Canadian servicemen to injury, death and hardship, but bringing prosperity to Halifax. On Wednesday, December 6, 2017 we will commemorate 100 years since the Halifax Explosion. How did it happen? The massive explosion killed more than 1,800 people, injured another 9,000–including blinding 200–and destroyed almost the entire north end of the city of Halifax, including more than 1,600 homes. Historical municipal sources on the Halifax Explosion. 100 years ago, the Canadian port city of Halifax was struck by one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history. Deputy Mayor Lisa Blackburn and Members of Regional Council request the pleasure of your company at the Halifax Explosion Memorial Service. When: Friday, Dec. 6, 2019 Where: Fort Needham Memorial Park , 3340 Union Street, Halifax. Explosion in The Narrows: The 1917 Halifax Harbour Explosion Kepe’kek: At the Narrows. ... and a map (p. 22) of Halifax showing the area devastated by the Explosion, and an alphabetical list of those who were killed during the blast .
Time: 9-9:30 a.m. 17 Kaye Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia 72 1917-12-06 Allen, John Robert 17 Kaye Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia 30 1917-12-06 Allen, Amy A 24 Allen Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia 48 1917-12-31 Allen, Elsie 24 Allen Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia 16 1917-12-06 Allison, James B. Africville, Campbell Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia 45 1917-12-06 Explore this story map of that fateful day. Halifax was a busy, wartime port city in 1917. After decades of hard economic times, the city was a hub of Canada's war effort. A Norwegian ship, the SS Imo , had slammed into the SS Mont-Blanc , a French ship filled to the brim with TNT, picric acid, benezole, and guncotton. While the Halifax Explosion of 1917 was a calamity, it was not the only major wartime explosion suffered by the locals.

Wartime City. Watch the Halifax Explosion re-created 100 years later in 360-degree animation Halifax Explosion Memorial Evening, 1977. For more about the Halifax explosion…

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