When it comes to stink bugs, control and prevention methods are needed to ensure they are removed from a property and kept away. Their eggs are barrel shaped . Manual Killing: Color: Although the brown marmorated is the most common stink bug in the U.S., a green variety of stink bug can also be found in the Southeastern and South Central states.

Stink bug damage to tomato plants may also be a concern. They hide when disturbed. They also emit aggregating pheromone. BMSB may have up to 2 in Maryland. Control:The use of trap crops is not a widely accepted idea for control of the southern green stink bug, but it has excellent potential as a type of control.The choice for trap crops in the summer would be leguminous plants such as cowpeas and beans. The use of natural stink bug repellent to control this menace is a relatively safer and cheaper option. Stink bugs are in the family Pentatomidae, and adults are recognized by their shield-shape, five-segmented antennae, and their malodorous scent. The tiny holes they leave behind can serve as a way for diseases to get into plants. Both predators and parasites attack stink bug egg masses. Stink bugs and leaf-footed bugs have long mouthparts they use to pierce tomato leaves, stems and fruit. To learn more about where stink bugs came from, click here. Some best crops that distract these insects away from tomatoes are sorghum, millet, and sunflower. Stink bugs can range in colors, but are commonly green or brown. Remember that homes can be pre-treated for stink bugs before they become a problem. Getting Rid of Stink Bugs An easy way to get rid of stink bugs is to plant herbs like basil, mint, coriander, borage, and nasturtium in the garden as these plants attract other predatory insects which prey on stink … This pest seeks out comfort – especially warmth – and knows when winter is coming. Southern green stink bug feeding can infect beans with a disease. The southern green stink bug, Nezara viridula (Linnaeus), is in the order Hemiptera or "true bugs." Sting Bugs nymphs resemble adults in shape but are smaller and have contrasting color patterns. By Dennis O'Brien July 18, 2016. But, if you suspect an infestation has already developed, contact a licensed pest professional to assess the severity problem and evaluate the best course of stink bug control.

Annually, there are 3-4 generations of Southern green stink bug, but only one of brown stink bug. This can pose an enormous problem for homeowners when they seek shelter indoors from the cold. They are about 5/8 inch long. The adults have a triangular thorax. All stink bugs have the characteristic five-sided shield shape. One parasitic wasp, Trissolcus basalis, has been introduced into California for control of the southern green stink bug.Examine stink bug eggs to determine levels of parasitization. In the late … A U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) entomologist has found "green" alternatives to insecticides to control three native stink bugs that damage cotton, and the new methods are catching on with growers.. The southern green stink bug is a highly polyphagous feeder, attacking many important food crops. Green stink bugs suck plant sap from leaves, fruit buds and blossoms, causing blossoms and pods to drop prematurely, leaving spots on fruits and vegetables, deforming fruit and reducing crop yields. Most probably the bug will attack the trap plants and spare your tomatoes. Cultural Control: Another effective way of stink bug control is planting other crops near the tomato plants, which will help in luring these harmful pests away. Stink bug damage can render certain fruits and crops unfit for sale. Although the damage on foliage and stems may look minimal, the insects can carry viruses that they spread to the plants. 'Going Green' with Stink Bug Control. Shape: Stink bugs are shaped like shields and are 1/2 to 3/4 inches long.Young stink bugs are similarly shaped, but are more rounded and may be black or light green. Adults are strong flyers and secrete a repellant fluid when threatened or squashed. Call Ehrlich Pest Control at 1-800-837-5520 for more information about stink bug control or request a FREE pest inspection online. They also leave excrement on both foliage and fruit.

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