LICENSE CERTIFICATE shall mean a document evidencing registration and vaccination for rabies of a dog, cat, or ferret residing in the County which contains at a minimum the information required by Section 828.30, Florida Statutes (2005). Tampa, Dog breeder License, I.e ... Dog breeder Permit Licenses & Tax IDs You Need To Start Your Own Business Tampa Business License FL Business License Dog breeder Hillsborough County DBA Fictitious ... Alfredo, our business license processing specialist can usually do it that fast.
We are volunteers, this is not a shelter page. Hillsborough County Pet Resources Foundation works to promote the well-being of animals in shelters and increase their chances for adoption.

*Driver License Services close at 3:30PM* The Hillsborough County Tax Collector is an independent Constitutional Officer who serves as an agent to the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles. You're required to vaccinate your dog against rabies and follow the regulations of the county in which you live. If you are preparing to file deed documents with the Clerk, this handy calculator will help you figure out what the fees will be for this service. Auto Tag / License Plate Registration Renewal (State of Florida) Business and Professional Licenses (State of Florida) Business License/Tax Renewal Payments Business Tax Record Inquiries Construction Permit Inquiries & Payments Drivers License Renewal (State of Florida) Environmental Permits (State of Florida) Fictitious Name Registrations (State of Florida) Health Related As a responsible pet owner, it's your duty to ensure that your dog doesn't cause physical or monetary damage to people, other pets, livestock or property.

Dog owners in Florida must adhere to both state and local regulations. Attention Hillsborough residents: If you don't renew your pet license by March 2, you will get a late fee. Located in Tampa, Florida, we want to help pets and pet owners. Breeding licenses are usually required when an individual breeds dogs or cats solely for the purpose of selling the offspring.
In Florida, the process is mostly regulated at the local levels, but breeders must abide by federal and state laws as well. By supporting our county animal shelter in the community, we'll be promoting pet ownership and pet retention. Thank you! Animals. Our office is responsible for the issuance and renewal of Florida driver licenses and identification cards. These dogs are at Hillsborough County Animal Services, Tampa FL. 3,304 talking about this.

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