Shokugeki no Soma lost focus on what made it good, the foodgasms. You could blame the story's editorial department for trying to push some sort of battle manga nonsense (to my knowledge). Who do you guys think will end up being Soma’s wife? "You sadly know your way out I assume?" At the end of class, Tsukasa asks Soma to join Central as his assistant, and Soma refuses. Soma and Erina decisively beat Azami and, per shonen tropes, were able to have a heart to heart with him and make him rethink his evil ways. Maybe Soma’s story will finish, but Soma and Erina’s child’s story will start in JUMP SQ? The heroine battle will finally finish. So Erina will soon develop feelings for Soma but how will Soma develop feelings for her? Shokugeki no Soma, finally came to an end few weeks ago in Weekly Shonen Jump with the end of the Noirs arc. Does Soma and Erina Get Together? See ya tomorrow Nakiri!" Tsukuda began serializing the manga featuring artworks by Saeki in November 2012. Erina is always flustered and tsundereish around Soma, and Soma told her at the induction ceremony a year ago that he’d show her, specifically, what he’s made of. Stories like this have a problem with repetition in their formula, It is the bane of cooking manga. TV star and food … As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Now he can end up with Erina. Erina nodded and pointed to the door of the kitchen. She’s charming, sweet, (growing) confident and clearly has feelings for Soma-kun. Serves Up Anime’s Most Delicious Dishes. "YOU IDIOT YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO USE MY NAME, Y-YOU CHEF WANNABE". While Erina didn’t like Soma’s personality in the beginning, the two of them work together and their combined talents solved the biggest conflicts the anime ever had. *potential spoiler* Anime and Manga - Other Titles This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. They would be a good team in terms of challenging Soma to always keep studying cooking like his dad. The next day, Soma volunteers to be Tsukasa Eishi's sous-chef during class, impressing Tsukasa with his skills. As much as people seem to be shipping NakariX soma, Megumi can’t be forgotten. "Erina-chan can you come to the kitchen for a second" -Soma yells from the kitchen with a large grin knowing what follows.

Because of this, she is worshiped and feared by many.
". Soma smiled. I think he'll end up marrying Erina, though I'm not very happy about it. Interestingly enough, the series has been releasing a full epilogue with special chapters. Food Wars Season 5 Plot Spoilers: Soma and Erina to End up as a Couple? Born into the prestigious Nakiri Family, and the wielder of God's Tongue, Erina Nakiri has a huge influence in Tōtsuki as the top prospect of the 92nd Tōtsuki Generation. Soma did not steal her virginity, he did not beat her in Shokugeki, Soma did not break any norms of the academy, he wasnt a delinquent. "Yeah, I do." Good for you all. He grinned and left the room. On Anime and Manga - Other Titles, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I've not watched Shokugeki no Souma since S1. Soma is pretty dense and never had an interest in love so I'm pretty confused on how the Sorina ship will sail. Food Wars anime story revolves around Soma and Erina, who are the main characters of the series. Erina sees Sōma as an imperfection in her otherwise flawless world and looks down upon him mostly due to his humble, less prestigious background. Add Erina's God Tongue which only likes the very best food possible and her unintentionally egging Soma on to make her say his food is delicious, it's pretty obvious who the implied girl Soma will end up with. in response to the comment above: how are they gonna end up together in 4 chapters. How about Erina’s grandfather, does his plan ever end up working? As soon as he was gone, Erina sank to the floor. His cooking was really good and he was confident in his skills. "I'll let you watch your cooking movie with Hisako. "Even if that is true, thank you." Topic Archived; ... Preferably Erina, but I'm fine with any other girl as long it's not Megumi. Hopefully the fourth season of Food Wars might be able to give us the conclusion we were hoping for. I acknowledge the fact that Soma and Erina already look like a good couple. Season 5 (Food Wars! Most importantly, the story is finished. Soma nodded. And chapter 175 shows Erina liking Soma's company and not disliking him anymore. Quick Note: Why Soma will end up with Megumi.

Cue immediate shot straight towards Erina. In Sōma's initial entrance exam in which she was the judge, she was impressed by Sōma's dish, however, a mixture of her pride and Soma's cockiness caused her to reject him from the school. The conflict of Season 3 and Season 4 was Azami Nakiri taking over Totsuki and homogenizing cooking. It’s finally ending.

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