Our Crested Geckos are our bread and butter here at TikisGeckos. Name/Common Name: Crested Gecko Scientific Name: Racodactylus ciliatus General Information. Dual- Fire Orange Pinstripe w/ some Black and Red Dalmatian Spots Name: Snapple Sex: Female Approx. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Click HERE for more photos on iHerp Animal Name: Poss?Super Dalmation Reference Code: RRU11-1012-FR Species: Crested Gecko Sex: Unknown Morph: Yellow Dalmation 99% Phantom Pinstripe Approx Birthdate: 10/12/2011 Weight: 6 grams For Sale $60.00 obro + shipping/delivery SOLD!! Recently, due to such a huge demand for our red line of crested geckos, we've added a couple additional females. Crested Gecko Size. Turtles, gators, crocs, snakes, and lizards - we love 'em! 5/17/12 Comments: This tiny one is a SUPER Dalmation!Also has some RED reverse pinning going on. Stay safe everyone we are still currently open but there may be short delays due to the current situation. It is our intent to specialize in the intense red colors like these show. Crested geckos are a nocturnal semi-arboreal lizard. Supreme Gecko is proud to own this wonderful group of Blazing Red crested geckos. This species was thought extinct until it was rediscovered in 1994 during an expedition led by Robert Seipp. Specimens measure approximately 4 to 5 inches without the tail and7- 8 inches in total length.

Many so called “moonglow” crested geckos for sale are unfired (resting color) buckskins. Labels: crested gecko for sale near me. A super dalmatian crested gecko is any crested gecko with a large amount of dalmatian spots – more than the average dalmatian morph. We specialize in a variety of high quality color and pattern morphs such as Lilly Whites, Whitewall/Whiteouts, Pinstripes, Extreme Harlequins, Dalmatians, Reds and much much more! 1 comment: Pug Puppy Ranch April 25, 2020 at 7:20 AM. A breeder may have a famous line of geckos they’ve worked hard on and have a right to name them, but crested gecko prices should be consistent with the quality of the animal, regardless of label. Elite Cresties Breeders Of High End Crested Geckos Baby Flame Crested Geckos Dalmatian Crested Gecko For Sale Posted by diana at May 14, 2018. These geckos were thought to be extinct until the early 1990’s, when the species was rediscovered thriving in large numbers on the islands of New Caledonia, which is located in the South Pacific. Email This BlogThis! The crested gecko is an arboreal, nocturnal gecko with a wide body and large head. Crested geckos are sexually mature when 15 to 18 months of age, and at a weight of approximately 35 grams. Crested Geckos get their names from the fringed crest that runs over their eyes and down the neck and back. We especially love this trait when it’s mixed with lighter colours (such as the gecko pictured above) as it really makes the large amount of spots stand out beautifully. Weight: 38 g Price: $350 SOLD Gecko ID: CG056-DEH-O-BRD-200313 Breeders of high end crested geckos. Both male and female crested geckos reach a moderate size of 4 to 4.5 inches snout-to-vent length (SVL), and 8 inches in total length. Crested Gecko Life Span. The crested gecko or eyelash gecko (Correlophus ciliatus) is a species of gecko native to southern New Caledonia.In 1866, the crested gecko was described by a French zoologist named Alphone Guichenot. I hope you feel, like we do, that these are top of the line reds!

Tortoise Town is a family owned and operated turtle and tortoise farm that is proud to sell ONLY healthy captive bred tortoises, box turtles, and aquatic turtles, chameleons, geckos, and iguanas for sale. Whether you're looking for a name for your reptile or are just browsing, here's a list of the most popular reptile names on Cuteness…

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