He adopted various means to improve the communication system in India i-e construction of roads and Serias. It is the second Afghan dynasty to rule over Delhi. Sher Shah Suri’s kos minars once meant to show way to travellers stand lost today Arvind Chauhan | TNN | Updated: Jan 27, 2018, 22:19 IST Kos minars at Sikandra on NH-2 in Agra . The road was considerably rebuilt in … For the first time during the Islamic conquest the relationship between the people and Sher Shah Suri (also Sher Khan) realized the need of a strong army and in his fight against the Mughals he relied mostly on the Afghans whom he invited from different parts of the country and employed them to positions suitable to everybody’s ability. Suri, also know as Sher Khan or the Lion King, was one of the greatest administrators of medieval Indian. Sher Shah had 113,000 parganahs of Hind and he appointed Shiqdar in each paraganah.14 This system functioned so well that Sher Shah Suri got the news of disaffection of his Umrah, soldiers and Zamindars of distant provinces before they spread in the area concerned. There is a record of a messenger system in the Atharvaveda. The old route was re-aligned by Suri to Sonargaon and Rohtas. Milestones. Suri, also know as Sher Khan or the Lion King, was one of the greatest administrators of medieval Indian. The postal system in India is said to have first been introduced by Sher Shah Suri. He is known for his extensive number of publications.

He conquered Bihar and Bengal and became powerful. The carriers of such post from town to town, mainly situated on the Sher Shah Suri Marg (G.T.Road) which was built by him, rushed on galloping horses. The history of the Post Office is closely linked to the history of mankind. Contents. His surname 'Suri' was taken from his Pashtun Sur tribe. Sarkars and Parganas; India’s First Rupia; Raja Todar Mal and Land measurement; Taxes, Revenue and Lands; Infrastructure: Sadak-i-Azam; Sarkars and Parganas. The earliest known letter was found on Clay tablets during c. 2095 BC. Book Name: Sher Shah Suri Novel Writer: Muhammad Aslam Rahi MA Description: Aslam Rahi MA is the author of the book Sher Shah Suri Novel Pdf. The Sher Shah Suri administration was based on the old institutions in a new spirit, and in this task attained to much success that he almost The Military Organization of Sher Shah Suri was based on … Shēr Shāh Sūrī (1486–22 May 1545), born Farīd Khān, was the founder of the Suri Empire in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent, with its capital at Delhi. It was during the reign of Sher Shah Suri that the foundation of a well-organised nationwide postal system was laid. The first five year of Sher Shah’s administration were used in setting up a new template for civil administration in India.

Grand Trunk Road from Bengal to Peshawar for the use of postal services. Reign 17 May 1540 – 15 May 1545 Coronation 1540 Predecessor Humayun Successor Islam Shah Suri Dynasty Sur dynasty Father Mian Hassan Khan Sur Born 1486, Sasaram , Rohtas District Burial Sher Shah Suri Tomb, Sasaram Religion Islam Died 15 May, 1545, Kalinjar

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