Diet. Go to content. This means that their diet consists mainly of exudates, material that oozes out of a plant such as gum, sap, resin, and latex, and also insects. Their scientific name is Callithrix jacchus.. Common marmoset. Fruits, flowers, nectar, fungi, spiders, and the occasional small lizard, tree frog, or birds’ eggs complete the common marmoset’s diet. Common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) are small-bodied New World monkeys endemic to north-eastern and central Brazil 1. The afternoon feed should vary day-by-day; the example diet given can be altered in terms of the fruits/veggies and protein sources provided. Find a Store. Common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) are susceptible to intestinal inflammation which leads to chronic diarrhea, weight loss, and vitamin … Common marmosets feed on glue, sap, latex and resin. What is very interesting is that they are the only primates other than humans that may suffer from the eating disorder known as Anorexia. Diet /Feeding. Feeding Directions. They use their nails to stick to the sides of the tree and chew a hole in the tree with long lower incisors. They will eat well on what they can find and may be picky when food is plentiful. 30% gum + 70% fruit juice. take baby food “canned” (poultry – apple) + dry gumi ( =pasta) cut fruits in cubes and put dry gum (like sugar) on it. Behavior of the Marmoset. Golden Lion Tamarins, Cotton-top Tamarins, White-lipped Tamarins and others. Common marmosets are exudativore-insectivores, meaning that their diet consists mostly of plant exudates, such as gums, and insects. All of the various species live in groups known as troops. However, captive marmosets exhibit substantial variation in digestive efficiency, and hence nutrient absorption, even when fed identical diets , .Marmoset dietary husbandry is complicated by this large range of variation in ability to absorb nutrients from the diet. Spiders, tree sap, bird eggs, and small vertebrates make up the diet of the Common Marmoset. Formulated to be fed as the basic diet for all Marmosets and Tamarins, such as Common Marmosets, Pygmy Marmosets. They have an omnivorous diet that consists of fruit, nectar, invertebrates, small vertebrates, gum, and other plant exudates 2. The common marmoset, like other marmosets and tamarins, relies on a diet of tree exudates (gums and saps), small animal prey, and fruits. Eating exudates are the feeding behavior for 20-70% Marmosets. Reproduction They spend around 20 to 70% of their time feeding on exudates, and around 20 to 30% feeding on insects. It is common for the entire family to help care for the young. Plant exudates are substances released from plants, such as … Three groups were studied in three forest fragments, from January to October 2010, totaling 360 hours of observations and 1,080 field-hours. Marmosets gain access to exudates from a variety of tree species by gnawing holes in the tree bark. Feeding marmosets diets with appropriate levels of nutrients is the obvious necessary condition for successful dietary husbandry. Fruit:  In the wild, fruit that is consumed by callitrichids has extremely low fructose levels, whereas commercial fruits fed to them in captivity tend to be high in fructose 16. Marmoset Diet Canned Marmoset Diet Canned. Note on Marmoset Diet Picture: Terrie explained to me that she spends a lot of time preparing meals for her marmosets.
Marmosetdiets- is a supplier of Woodstock’s Nutritional Essential Vitamin D3 Supplements for new world Primates and Reptiles, vitamin D3 comes in Oily or Powder form, we are also supplier of Marmoset Jelly-Gum-Cake,-Pellets and Rings, for new world primate/monkeys to keep them fit and healthy.

The common marmoset is an exudativore and insectivore. A territory for a common marmoset troop, for example, can range from 5,000 to 65,000 square meters (1.2-16 acres), according to the National Primate Research Center at … Most troops consist of a single male, one or two females, and their young from the past few years. The common marmoset is the most abundant Callithrichidae species kept in captivity. Troops contain anywhere from three monkeys to over a dozen individuals. Daily Life and Group Dynamics Common marmosets live in social groups of 3 to 15 individuals, with an average of 9.
Reproduction of the Marmoset ... incidence of triplets has been reported to increase with time in captive colonies of and may relate to a high protein diet in captivity.

Breeding Common Marmosets - Marmoset Diets, Suppliers of Marmosets and New World Primate,Essential Vitamin Supplements. The specialized dentition of the common marmoset acts as a tool facilitating access to gums and saps The marmoset will then lick the exudates or sink with their teeth.

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