Outstanding STM8TL5xxx performances allow long range proximity detections. Capacitive Proximity Sensors Image credits: Automation Insights . It offers a high performance capacitive sensing engine which uses the projected ProxsenseTM acquisition principle. It explains how to design a proximity sensor and tune it to achieve a large proximity-sensing distance and liquid-tolerant proximity sensing. Applications for Capacitive Sensors. Because they don’t have to physically interact with the objects they detect, proximity sensors often have no moving parts. A Transducer using the change in the Area of Plates.

Similarly to inductive sensors, it consists of an oscillator, Schmitt trigger and output switching circuit. Capacitive transducer used to measure angular displacement. Accessories OMRON provides Attachments to facilitate mounting, Protective Accessories, and Mounting Brackets.

If you want to measure pressure, a pressure sensor could do the trick.

This application note also explains how to implement gesture detection based on proximity sensing and the wake-on-approach method to reduce The transducer using the change in distance between the plates. Meaning, is there any other sensor that can also do the job? These sensors make use of a compensation electrode, and most come with sensitivity adjustments that allow a designer to tune out certain materials such as glass or plastic, making this type of sensor a common choice for point level applications. Detection Through Barriers One application for capacitive proximity sensors is level detection through a barrier. Others Proximity Sensors are also available for special applications in long-distance models, and slim models are available for use combined with Proximity Sensors. Proximity sensors – sometimes referred to as proximity switches – are sensors that are used in industrial automation and other applications. Capacitive sensors are wildly unstable, and require constant calibration, unless they are in a perfectly controlled environment. An ordinary Capacitive Proximity Sensor is similar to a capacitor with two parallel plates, where the capacity of the two plates is detected. It operates by detecting a change in capacitance.

Shielding All Siemens capacitive sensors are shielded. Capacitive Humidity Sensor. Capacitive Transducers. For example, water has a much higher dielectric than plastic. Capacitive Proximity Sensors detect changes in the capacitance between the sensing object and the Sensor. Capacitive sensors utilize a non-contact sensing technology that detects a wide variety of materials.

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