Browse featured podcast episodes, or scroll down to browse by category. Save podcasts offline for when you don’t have an internet connection. Why People Aren't Listening to Your Podcast (& How to Fix It) If people aren't listening to your podcast then you're doing something wrong. Your Followers can also see the playlist you're l listening in the Friend Feed. Assuming that by “View Count” you mean “Play Count”, I think you can check it for practically every song on Spotify. You’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into a killer podcast—now it’s time to focus on the numbers. Here you can see the indents in the listening trend where some skip the adverts on the show. New Demographic Research Shows Who Really Listens to Podcasts. The downside about doing a traditional broadcast show is that you're limited in the amount of air time you can get. Here are some details about how the different figures work, and how to read them. 8.9 minutes to read. Save the podcasts you like. Sharing Your Spotify Links. Fix your episodes, reach more listeners, and build a show that you can … Every podcast needs a good host to get for the appropriate publishing tools, media hosting and delivery, RSS for Apple Podcasts and iTunes, a website, stats and a platform that has your back as you grow as a producer. Note: While Spotify doesn’t play ads to Premium subscribers, some podcasts might have third-party ads within their episodes. After you submit your podcast to Spotify successfully, you can view Spotify statistics for your podcast in your Podbean account. Podcast statistics can be confusing and complex: but it’s always nice to look at the numbers to see how your podcast is doing. You can also compare your listener and fan statistics to any other artist on Spotify. If you'd like to hide your activity, you can turn on Private listening. New episodes automatically appear in the Episodes tab. I was just wondering something. Hover over the cover art and click the play button to start listening, or click the podcast title to see more episodes. Podcast statistics can be confusing and complex: but it’s always nice to look at the numbers to see how your podcast is doing. If you've started to receive approval links for your podcast, but you're still not on Spotify, it’s likely that your podcast looked like it contained music. Get Your Podcast on Spotify with Blubrry Read Blubrry's list of requirements for submitting to Spotify . Click PODCASTS.

Working with experienced broadcasters is worth the effort it takes to get your podcast on the radio.

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