Otherwise, they will die.

Subjects. Eggs are usually laid in April or May into a nest built of mainly moss, grass and feathers. Books. Close. Blue birds, robins, blackbirds, starlings, blue jays, thrushes, catbirds and dunnocks are some of the species of songbirds that lay solid blue eggs or blue eggs with brown speckles. The Ash-throated flycatcher nest (right) is made up of grass, weeds, fur and hair. Eggs are usually laid in April or May into a nest built of mainly moss, grass and feathers. House Finches lay eggs that are bluish-green, and sometimes use a nestbox. This site uses cookies and by continuing to browse it you are agreeing to our use of cookies. If you found the eggs outside, put the eggs back, if possible. Sometimes containing some cow or horse dung. Improve your knowledge on bird eggs and learn more about animals with DK Find Out. Learn more about how you can help here . Buy your own field guide to Michigan’s frogs and toads here . The eastern bluebird lays a light blue egg with brown speckles. It has a fairly shallow cup with, if your lucky, up to seven pale blue eggs. Why Bird Egg Identification Matters Birders are naturally curious to identify the birds they see , and identifying bird eggs is part of that curiosity. Information about birds' eggs from the DK Find Out website for kids. What Bird Lays Blue Speckled Eggs? Some people who report finding bluebird eggs in odd locations (in a potted plant for example) are really seeing eggs of another species, like the American Robin nest, eggs, and nestlings in these photos. The blue, yellow and white blue tit is one of the most recognisable garden birds. Michigan initiated the Michigan frog and toad study in 1988 to monitor the long term populations of frogs and toads. Eggs need to be in a few inches of dirt, peat moss or shredded newspaper in a humid room at a temperature of 80 degrees F. See more photos. Many birds that nest in trees lay blue or green eggs. Western Bluebird Nest and Ash-throated Flycatcher Nest. The Western Bluebird nest (left) is a collection of fine grasses and sometimes include a feather or two, leaves and thin bark. Though the blue color does not work well as a camouflage, it does help birds distinguish their eggs from those of interlopers, such as cowbird eggs. Read our cookies policy. Nests are commonly found in backyards, golf courses, agricultural fields and other areas with few trees and sparse ground cover. For birdhouse landlords , identifying eggs can help them understand which birds prefer their houses, and they can adjust the foods they offer and how bird-friendly their yard is to better suit each feathered family.

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