For Sale: One antique Remington rolling block receiver. and marked by Remington on the frame tang, which is somewhat faint. Receiver marked "Modelo Argentino 1879 E.N.". 1879 Argentine Rolling Block Originally Posted by colfi I just purchased two RRB carbines, one an Argentine 1979 refurb and the other a 1886/ Remington 'baby' carbine from Cuba in 44WCF (44-40) they cost me $450-00 and 420-00 respectively, that … Original Item. M1879 Remington rolling-block rifle. Very fine condition overall as arsenal refurbished with excellent arsenal blue finish on metal parts. 35 inch round barrel. It is manufactured to use the early straight bar style extractor Description: Remington Rolling Block model long infantry rifle that is the Argentine Model 1879 contract in .43 (11mm) Spanish caliber. Produced by Remington in both military and civilian models from 1866 to 1895 these large frame rolling block production totaled well over 1 … Description please: 43 Spanish Rolling Block Bayonet As I understand it, the rifles were a commercial item sold the military forces of several countries, mainly in South America.

Marked on top of breech section of barrel "MODELO ARGENTINO 1879 E.N." This gu for sale by derfsaint on GunsAmerica - 961909005 Description: Remington Rolling Block model long infantry rifle that is the Argentine Model 1879 contract in .43 (11mm) Spanish caliber. In really great condition, this Contract Remington Rolling Block Rifle was made for the South American State of ARGENTINA of 1879. The Argentine is a bit more valuable than several of the other rolling block configurations. rolling block for sale and auction. Sell your rolling block for FREE today on GunsAmerica! The stock appears to be walnut with a few dings and handling marks , the only marking is a R stamped on top of … Remington "Rolling-Block" Sword Bayonet This bayonet was designed to fit the Modelo Argentino 1879 Remington Rolling-Block Infantry Rifle. It is, however, the most commonly encountered of all Remington Rolling Block rifles in .43 Spanish caliber, as the Argentine government sold well over 25,000 to … Argentine M1879 Rolling Block rifle. Marked on top of breech section of barrel "MODELO ARGENTINO 1879 E.N." I am assuming that the bayonets were some sort of brass handled Yataghan style item, but I don't know. over the chamber. Buy a rolling block online.

Argentine Model 1874 Rolling Block Carbine Description: Serial #G55631, .43 Spanish, 20 1/2" barrel with a very good, bright bore that has light freckling and pinprick pitting in a few spots along its length.

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