Mein erster Durchquerungsversuch des Darién Regenwaldes im Grenzgebiet von Panama und Kolumbien war bereits denkbar unspektakulär gescheitert: Ich war von Kolumbien kommend in den Dschungel gelaufen und einfach dem falschen Fluss gefolgt. Das fehlene Verbindungsstück sollte immer mal wieder fertiggebaut werden, ist aber bis heute nicht passiert. The basic problem of the Darien Gap is that it's one of the toughest hikes there is.

"Expert Vagabond" Matthew Karsten spent five days exploring it.

These natural features of the Darién Gap still prevent human civilization to connect Panama and Colombia by the Pan-American Highway until this day. It's a dangerous area, but the locals were friendly and the scenery was gorgeous. Travel writer, Hilary Bradt, describes it as a ‘swampy wasteland crawling with venomous creatures, … It's called the Darien Gap -- it's a fabled, legendary no-man's land that's bedeviled the most storied adventurers, members of the American military, and legions of would-be migrants. The Darien Gap. It's one of the most dangerous regions in the world.

The horrible hurdles of the Darién Gap crossings .

Although you don’t have to pay for …

Without further ado, below are all the ways you can cross the Darien Gap. The Darien Gap is a patch of impenetrable rainforest that breaks up the world's longest road. It was a tough but transitable route in the 1980s and 1990s, but rarely used by foreign tourists since then. This gap has been successfully crossed a handful of times - usually by expeditions equipped with off-road vehicles and staffed by special forces types, a near-impenetrable jungle that guerrilla fighters and drug runners call … A young man hitchhikes through Central America until he is faced with crossing an 80-mile gigantic swamp called the Darien Gap. The jungle is full of swamps, marshlands and rainforests.

The area is usually off-limits and rarely seen by outsiders. In the book, the author chronicles his 18-month expedition traveling the province of the Darién Gap , an area dangerous for human sojourns; a haven for Colombian guerrillas and drug-trafficking. Als Darien Gap (spanisch Tapon del Darien) wird das Stück Dschungel zwischen Zentralamerika und Südamerika bezeichnet, wo der Panamerikanische Highway im Niemandsland endet.
In the southern part is the Atrato River Delta, which creates marshy marches 80 km wide, and the northern region consists of the mountains of Serrania del Darien overgrown with a moist tropical forest, the height of which reaches 1875 m (Mount Takarkuna), and Serrania del Pirre.

Central America ; Panama ; Darien Province ; Yaviza ; Things to Do in Yaviza ; Darien Gap Panama ; Search. Darién Gap Durchquerung: Der erste Versuch. Even if you were willing to take these groups on, and we recommend you don’t, there is still the issue of almost zero roads and most certainly no bridges and definitely no help from the outside world.

The Darien Gap is notorious for hiding gangs of drug runners and people smugglers. But … Darien Gap The Darién Gap is a break in the Pan-American Highway consisting of a large swath of undeveloped swampland and forest within Panama 's Darién Province in Central America and the northern portion of Colombia 's Chocó Department in South America.

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