Head and body lice used to be designated Pediculus capitis and P. corporis but they are now known to belong to the same species, P. humanus x[16,17]. Fifty years ago Levene and Dobzhansky showed that head lice could be trained or adapted to become the rather larger body lice by attaching them to the body in small pill boxes. Adult pubic lice have a life span of 3 to 4 weeks, during which the female will lay about 30 nits. DNA analysis indicates human pubic lice are most closely related to gorilla lice and shared a common ancestor 3.3 mya. Human pubic lice look very different from head lice and most resemble gorilla lice. They are oval and usually yellow to white. Colour: Grey in colour and red after feeding on blood: Description: Nit: Nits are body lice eggs. The parasitic sucking lice of primates are known to have undergone at least 25 million years of coevolution with their hosts. The human body louse, its primary endosymbiont, and the bacterial pathogens that it vectors all possess genomes reduced in size compared with their free-living close relatives. A body lice infestation is treated by improving the personal hygiene of the infested person, including assuring a regular (at least weekly) change of clean clothes. Clothing, bedding, and towels used by the infested person should be laundered using hot water (at least 130°F) and machine dried using the … They are about the size of the mark at the end of this arrow . Similar to the two published Riesia genomes from human body and chimpanzee lice, the newly sequenced Riesia genomes (from human head lice, human pubic lice, chimpanzee lice, and gorilla lice) consist of a primary chromosome ranging from 0.529–0.574 Mb in length and a small circular plasmid 5.2–7.8 kb (table 2 and fig.

Pubic lice nymphs take two to three weeks to mature into a reproducing adult. Body lice Main article: Pediculosis corporis This condition is caused by body louse ( Pediculus humanus humanus , sometimes called Pediculus humanus corporis ), [17] a louse which infests humans and is adapted to lay eggs in clothing, rather than at the base of hairs, and is thus of recent evolutionary origin. For example, chimpanzee lice and human head/body lice last shared a common ancestor roughly six million years ago, a divergence that is contemporaneous with their hosts. The body-cooling idea seems sensible, but even though lacking fur might have made it easier for us to lose heat during the day, we also would have lost more heat at night, when we needed to retain it. Lice and clothing. Thus, the body louse genome project offers unique information and tools to use in advancing understanding of coevolution among vectors, symbionts, and pathogens. 2).

Thus, our ancestors had lost most of their body hair at that time and were then infected by gorilla lice, inhabiting an unoccupied “hair-niche”. A body lice infestation is normally treated through improved personal hygiene and regular changes of clean, washed clothing. Body Lice: Scientific Name: Pediculus humanus humanus: Size: The adult body louse is about the size of a sesame seed. Nits may take 30 days to hatch.

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