Keep your munchkin cat healthy with a good diet, fresh water, and a clean litter box. In 2013, the Guinness World Records awarded a tortoiseshell Munchkin cat from California as the world’s shortest cat alive.

Munchkin cats are a small to medium breed of cat and tend to weigh between 8-10 pounds. No wonder the Munchkins are referred to …

For those that are unaware the Munchkin Cat has three subcategories of leg length. The Munchkin legs are approximately 7 cm (3 inches) shorter than that of the average cat. She stands a mere 5.25 inches tall.

No wonder the Munchkins are referred to as “sausage cats” as well. Cat treats should be limited and only give your cat healthy treats! The major defining physical characteristic of Munchkin cats is their short stature, with most Munchkins clocking in between six and nine inches tall.

Weight: 6 to 9 pounds. Countertops are approximately 36 inches high.

The Munchkin legs are approximately 7 cm (3 inches) shorter than that of the average cat. Its name was Lilieput and it stands only 5.25 inches tall. Developed from a genetic mutation this cat’s legs are short and a tad stubby. They have round heads, large ears and large, round eyes.

The Munchkin cat will capture your heart! Their coats can be a variety of lengths ranging from short to long. They tend to grow at an average rate and reach mature height at about 6 months, filling out and maturing to full size and weight at about one year old. Munchkin cats were only accepted as an official cat breed in 2003. That's about 3 pounds lighter than the average house cat. The Munchkin breed arose out of a genetic mutation causing abnormally short legs.

She has brown neck-length hair tied up by two cat-themed hair clips into small twin tails on the opposite sites of her head. The Dwelf is an interesting looking and hairless cat breed that is quite new.

Munchkin cat weight is usually between 6 and 9 lbs. Coat Color: Any color combination or pattern. These are average weights for the Munchkin, males are generally heavier than the females.

Coat: Shorthaired with a medium-length plush coat or longhaired with a semi-long silky coat. These are ‘standard’, ‘super-short’ and ‘rug-hugger’. Munchkin Cat Facts, Characteristics, Breeds Cat Info February 1, 2019 0 catsfud The Munchkin cat breed is characterized by being small or medium in size and having short legs but the torso and tail of normal size therefore the munchkin cats kittens are considered as cats that do not grow.

This little cat retains its kitten-like qualities throughout its life. The short legs are due to achondroplasia, a genetic disorder which results in dwarfism.

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