Expose your dog to bark-inducing stimuli, such as the doorbell, regularly. The Finnish Spitz is a medium purebred from Finland where it was bred to be a hunting dog and to act as a pointer, meaning it let the human hunter it was with know in what direction the downed prey was. That is, he trails game, and when he finds it, he barks until the hunter arrives to bag it. When it first came to England it was called the Finsk Spets (derived from its Swedish name), but in 1891, the name was officially changed to Finnish Spitz. By now, you've probably guessed that barking is an important part of the Finnish Spitz makeup. The Finnish Spitz has even had the lead role in several Finnish works of art. After finding the quarry, it will bark and warn their owner from which it has got the name ‘the Barking Dog’. One Finnish Spitz each year is chosen for his hunting prowess to be King of the Barkers. The Finnish Spitz is often referred to as the “barking hunting dog” because of its characteristic continuous barking while on track. One Finnish Spitz each year is chosen for his hunting prowess to be King of the Barkers. My Finnish Spitz talks so much everyday with out us provoking her and somedays she has a lot to say...I will upload more if people want to see more of our Finn talking. He is an energetic dog that needs some training but not a hyper dog as other mid-sized dogs” The Finnish Spitz is familiar from Finnish postcards © Terho Peltoniemi A dog barking under a spruce is portrayed even at the 19th century Finnish folk poetry. The Finnish Spitz will need a moderate amount of grooming to upkeep their coat. Temperate climates and a far better environment to keep a … It is nicknamed the “barking bird dog” for its habit of “yodeling,” or barking continuously, to alert the hunter to the location of game birds. A Finnish Spitz will run ahead and follow a bird until it lands on a tree. The Finnish Spitz will need a moderate amount of grooming to upkeep their coat. Excessive barking may be a sign of boredom or anxiety, so your Finnish Spitz needs plenty of attention and does not tolerate being left alone. Barking. The Finnish Spitz dogs were originally known as the Suomenpystrykorva (the Finnish Cock-Eared Dog) and the Finnish Barking Birddogs. I have a dog, which i think is a Finnish spitz (possibly cross pomeranian), the person we got him off told us he was purebreed pomeranian and i have finally worked out what he is! The Finnish Spitz is known for their barking or noises they enjoy making so people that want a quiet dog should not consider one of these. While he has some health issues, his temperament will be great if you have kids or other animals at home. Any novice dog owner will not be able to handle this dog, so it needs an experienced dog owner.

This hunting dog whose distinctive barking traits can amaze you. The Finnish Spitz developed from selectively bred Spitz-type dogs that inhabited central Russia several thousand years ago.Isolated Finno-Ugrian tribes in the far northern regions bred dogs according to their specific needs. The dog will continue by running around the tree and barking. It is also known by several other names including the Finnish Barking Birddog, the Finnish Hunting Dog and the Finnish Cock-eared Dog. Finnish Spitz have been recorded as barking 160 times per minute in competitions. They like to bark. Brushing 2-3 times per week and bathing when the owner feels it necessary is all they need to stay well groomed.

“Finnish Spitz is indeed an underrated breed. If you have close neighbors, Finnish Spitz are not a good choice for you. Finnish spitz, breed of dog native to Finland, where a breed standard has existed since 1812. The dogs have been recorded barking up to 160 times per minute, but it's not just speed that matters. For the same reason, these dogs should never be left outside in your yard, unsupervised. CARE. In barking contests, the Finnish Spitz has been known to bark up to 160 times a minute. The Finnish spitz in particular hates monotony and will soon tire if asked to do the same thing in the same way. The dog will continue by running around the tree and barking. They like to bark. These small clans of woodsmen relied on their dogs to help them obtain food, and the excellent hunting ability of the Finnish Spitz made it a favorite choice. Brushing 2-3 times per week and bathing when the owner feels it necessary is all they need to stay well groomed.

Erkki Tanttu illustrated the book cover of Peni Ystäväni in the 60's. Finnish Spitz are extremely vocal dogs, quick to sound the alarm at every new sight and sound. About 2000 years ago they were brought from the Volga River area of central Russia to what is now Finland, and are considered the National dog of Finland, and are mentioned in several patriotic songs. Early names for the breed included Suomenpystykorva (Finnish Cock-Eared Dog) and Finnish Barking Bird Dog. Temperament of the Finnish Spitz Finnish […]

The Finnish Spitz, the national dog of Finland, was developed to be a barking hunting dog.

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