These tiny yet magnificent birds make great companions and good entertainment. Parrotlets need a cage at least 18" wide X 18" deep X 24 " tall. In the wild, parrotlets are known to travel in flocks of up to several hundred birds, and they form tight, lifelong bonds with their chosen mates. Written by. Facts About Parrotlets.

Alyson is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience working professionally with birds, and over 3 years as a veterinary technician. See more ideas about Parrotlet, Birds, Pet birds.

That means our birds are better genetically, are healthier and live longer. Whereas many of the parrotlet mutations are recessive genes that require a bird to possess both copies for them to phenotypically (visually) express the color, the Pied gene is a single acting gene on the body feathers of the bird.
Pacific Parrotlets males or females can be distinguished by their markings. Sometimes parrotlets are also called “the lovebirds of the new world”. He will see all the same colors humans see, but with greater vividness and a more stark differentiation between similar colors. Green Series Parrotlets are related to the larger, green Amazon parrots. ", followed by 234 people on Pinterest. click on photos to enlarge; American Yellow Male American Yellow Youngsters American Yellow Female; This beautiful mutation, known as the American Yellow Pacific Parrotlet, first occurred in the US in 1989. If you can't provide a cage at least this big, a Parrotlet might not be the right bird for your situation.

Updated 09/29/19. Parrotlets Come In a Variety of Colors. They love all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits. Parrotlets Overview Endemic to South and Central America, this second smallest bird in the parrot family is a popular pet choice.

If you cannot provide these foods daily, a Parrotlet may not be a good choice. Royal Wings Aviary raises blue, green, pied, and dilute yellow parrotlets.

You can find several species of parrotlet such as: Yellowface, Bluewings, Mexicans, Spectacles,… but two among them are very known for the pet trade: the Pacific Parrotlet and The Green-rumped parrotlet. Alyson Kalhagen.

Klassy Parrotlets is family owned and operated, specializing in Pacific Parrotlets of many different colors, located in Llano, Texas. This is a great video of a Parrotlet interacting with (and mimicking!) To the tribus of the Arinae belong altogether approximately 150 long- and short-tailed types of parrots originally from America. Males have …

Our birds are bred for health and size instead of color and cute. The smallest parrot, but the biggest personality.

The original color, green, looks very much like its supposed, much larger, predecessor. his owner. The males have blue eye streaks, royal blue wing tips and rump, while the females have no royal blue markings at all.
The females are dark green with blue on their faces and are just as stunning. Parrotlets are often seen as nippy birds. Parrotlet Training. Dec 9, 2014 - Explore lch1420's board "Parrotlet Birds. Learn about The Spruce Pets' Editorial Process.

The other species of parrotlet commonly kept as a pet is the green-rumped parrotlet, which is smaller than the Pacific parrotlet and a little shier and less active. Caring for parrotlets involves choosing a high-quality diet to meet the bird’s nutritional needs. They are not budgies, and are thought to be descendants of the Amazon Parrot. On Lutino varieties the males will have white where the dark blue would be. A parrotlet is a small, short-tailed parrot, that belongs to the family of the Psittacidae and to the subfamily of Arinae (the “New World” or “Neotropical parrots”).

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