My albino burmese surprise me with alot alot of poop. The boa excretes urine and uric acids about three to five days after feeding. ... SNAKES DO POOP! The later deposited feces should be formed, of brownish coloration, and not too smelly … A little present from my Boa Constrictor Asteria.. - Duration: 0:34. My albino burmese surprise me with alot alot of poop. The latter appears as whitish to yellowish clumps of soft, and sometimes even hard consistency. As a side note, I will state that in seventh grade, my science teacher had a pet snake, a seven foot boa constrictor, and one day it crapped all over him, and me and my friend Jeff Wohlbach the trumpet player laughed and laughed and laughed, because that's what 13 year old boys do at such times. soak the boa in a covered tub of warm water 20 minutes or so, make sure there is only enough water to cover the snakes body so he can breathe easily, keep an eye on him, this will take care of the problem. Boa constrictor is a specific individual species of boa, boa being the taxonomic family they belong to as well as their genus.

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