(a) Strength:
1. But Babur approached forward and was a …

Though Babur was an orthodox Sunni, but he was not prejudiced or led by the religious divines. Log in.

Achievements Of The Mughal Empire 774 Words 4 Pages As the Mughal Empire embarks the start to the highest points of tradition and culture in India, this age began with the creation of India’s greatest Empires—The Mughals. Start studying achievements of the Mughal emperors.

Lane-Pool describes Babur as “The most fascinating personality in the History of the East.


He was a charismatic military leader who not only conquered large parts of India, often with ruthless efficiency but also embodied personal qualities of wisdom and forgiveness.

Significance of Babur's Conquest. Log in Sign up.

His descendants, the Mughal emperors, built a long-lasting empire that covered much of the subcontinent until 1868, and that continues to shape the culture of India to this day. Log in.

Advertisements. They joined hands with Mahmud Lodi, the brother of Ibrahim Lodi, to fight Babur again. Join now. History.

Likewise Dr. V.S.

2 achievements of babur Get the answers you need, now! His half-brother Kamran treacherously took the Punjab and the Indus Valley.

This enabled him to familiarize with the strength and weaknesses of the Mughal army.

Test. V.A. Babur died and Humayun ascended to the throne on 26 December 1530 as the second emperor of the Mughal dynasty. The significance of Babur’s advent into India are as follows − Geo-strategic Significance. Ask for details ; Follow Report by SouravNegi8956 20.06.2019 Log in to add a comment What do …

Created by. achievements of the Mughal emperors. Terms in this set (5) babur (1526-1530)-conquered India-founded Mughal Empire.

Babur took good care of his army and other employees, and was prepared to excuse many of their faults as long as they were not disloyal.

In the words of Lane-Poole, “Babur is perhaps the most captivating personality in oriental history”.

Kabul and Qandhar had always acted as staging places for an invasion in India, Babur’s advent made Kabul and Qandhar the integral parts of an empire comprising north India. Primary School.

Babur (born Zahir-ud-din Muhammad; February 14, 1483–December 26, 1530) was the founder of the Mughal Empire in India. Join now.

There were many great leaders of the Mughal Empire, but the most well known was Akbar I or Akbar the Great.

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