Many families live in Yulee and residents tend to be conservative. I guess don't live in NJ either. Florida positives outnumber its negatives 10 to 2, also all those problems are easily avoidable. Most people who complain about Florida probably never lived somewhere that is truly horrible. Most people are retirees, transient worker who move on in search of a better wages or other short term residents who move on for work or another opportunity. However, Florida has a "Stand Your Gound" law, which some people interpret as a license to kill. A St Cloud Video My ex neighbor will be retiring from the Police Dept and he is on counting his days to sell his house and move his family to Tenn. Thanks! Not crazy about winter but being retired I dont have to go out in bad weather. Nobody in my area knows of the Island that I go to. Weather and Climate Every day is a beautiful day in Orlando… In fact, over 95% of the year, the sun is shining down on this beautiful […] Don’t move to Florida. Now live in Illinois. Curtis Reeves shot and killed an unarmed young father in a movie theater because he was texting during the previews, and Michael Dunn shot into a van full of teenagers, killing one, because they were playing their music too loud. The air there is just too humid for me and I am allergic to orange blossoms. Way too hot, bugs galore who all wish to eat, kill, or poison you. I remember being very excited to move there and get away from the winters. There are both many pros and cons. If you move to Florida from New York or another northeastern state, you’ll instantly notice and … Florida has not grown well. But I own a condo with 2 pools so I'm good. The state’s diversity is without a doubt one of the reasons why Florida is such an interesting place to live. I would agree because I'm from PA, but, c''s not a reason to dislike Florida... "Florida's gov't is rife with corruption. On the downside, however, it does get a lot of snowfall in the winter. Thanks. Wages in these fields tend to be low. "You may also notice more wrinkles. There are several factors why people decide to move out or in to a place- economic, social, political, environmental. The state’s diversity is without a doubt one of the reasons why Florida is such an interesting place to live. I even provided video clips from news shows to prove it. Really? Our family lived in West Pembroke Pines, Florida. Here are some cultural attractions to check out when you’re considering your reasons to live in Florida: Kennedy Space Center; Ringling Museum Complex ; Salvador Dali Museum Orlando is a cosmopolitan city with a home town feel. Traffic just as bad? We love Florida, so you’d think we would be recommending it to everyone. My company was sold quickly. Please continue to paint Florida as a bad picture so no one will move here. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Florida used to collect a state estate tax in the form of a "pick-up tax," but changes in federal law phased this provision out in 2005. I survived the hurricane season of 2004 when four major hurricanes hit—three of them where I live. Yes being here in the winter is great but once Spring and Summer arrives it sucks. Would love to move somewhere where you don’t have 6 months of winte4 like here in Minnesota But just don’t know where that would be. BUT...they don't infest your house 'cause there's no winter and plenty of places to live outdoors. It's almost never very cold, and no part of the state is too far from the beach. You have to find a stretch of beach that is public. I came here for work. So many reason Florida sucks and I have lived there 10 years and hate it. After you have been out on the boat all day you can have a night out on the town. But dude...really? Everyone always late and everything cancel last minute. (I don’t do well in cold weather) After a long 13 hour drive down to Orlando, we pulled up at his new house and it was 65 degrees and sunny out. Even south Florida was Okay, (before the Miami Vice era). EVERYTHING. Florida is known for retirement. Read our reasons to retire in Flordia. Given its coastal location, Florida also attracts a large Latino population. Many other reasons to live in Florida. If I could I would move there!! Don't move to florida if you don't understand it. If you’ve wanted to travel the world, why not think about moving to Florida instead. Score one for the Sunshine State. Catherine Giordano (author) from Orlando Florida on August 20, 2018: Janisa: Yes, they can occur anywhere, but they occur in some other states too. I miss Yankee pride, something that Floridians don't know about and will never understand. Luckily, there are some nonprofit organizations trying to combat this issue. Catherine Giordano (author) from Orlando Florida on June 12, 2018: DaraSKS: You seem to have missed the point. A tiny home in retirement could be a more-affordable way to downsize and still be close to family. In theory, could they occur anywhere in the state? This leads to people trying to cross six lanes of traffic in the middle of the street. I am only 66 but those here are old and i get tired of having to maneuver around their golf carts. I was born and raised here and the people NOT frfom here have only made it worse. Traffic will be even worse as I-4 undergoes a major renovation to add additional lanes. I've lived in California my whole life. So far, there have been no tornado-borne sharks. I do like their chicken sandwich. immigrants, and its so so so hot! High intelligence is rare. Umm, that’s impossible for me because I have my own pool and never swim in the ocean. I miss my family also. I love the State, even though traffic we have too much traffic and too many tourists. This was interesting until you lost me with all of your political opinions. Welcome to sunny Florida. Why? If you are very very very very wealthy. We love the change of seasons, but winters are just too long! When you can actually find something wrong with florida specificaly instead of just saying stuff that happens in other states too then let me know. Saved my pennies, retired and moved. The beaches, I love going to the beach. t's so nice to see that even children are reading my article. However, there are reasons not to buy a condo. Absolutely LOVE the heat! Outside the parks? It is a coastal area and therefore rising sea level is something you should consider if you plan to buy property near the coast. The sun can also cause brown, red, yellow, or gray spots in the skin called sun spots.". No more having to dress in LAYERS which sucks. I'm not even a conservative, but your political bias in writing this list is really nauseating. Brutally hot, humid, full of lunatics and morons, retirees who suck up vast resources while not paying taxes. The way in which this nation’s unctuous elements tend to trickle down as if Florida were the grease trap under America’s George Foreman grill.”. Don’t worry, us actual Florida natives would love if you knuckleheads from the Northeast would all go back home. Sure. I do't think the snow birds leave because they hate living in Florida. Photos by Getty Images. I hope you get a chance to visit Florida again. Catherine Giordano (author) from Orlando Florida on October 10, 2018: Ihateohioandmovedtoflorida:Life in Florida is not as bad as I portrayed it. But even with all that, there are many reasons to love the Sunshine State. The area Is Davenport. On top of the heat and humidity, there are also biting flies, mosquito swarms and columns of fire ants to ward off. Catherine has been living in Orlando, Florida since 1995. If you want to move somewhere where you can enjoy an active outdoor life, almost any other state is better. Of course, I moved here from the New York/New Jersey area where homes are very expensive. You Yankees are the reason this beautiful state is getting so messed up. It is very common for people to say one thing and do another. In 2012, some people had to stand in line for 7 to 8 hours in order to vote. If you don't have to use your second stimulus check for basic necessities, consider putting the money to work for you. Homeless is very common. Barbara Badder from USA on June 23, 2018: I'd much rather visit Florida then live there. Algae clogging the waterways, and more. Floridians will complain about the summer like northerners do the winter. In Central Florida, the main highway is I-4. They are native to Florida and have been designated the official marine mammal of the state. If you like a 90-degree heatwave in December, then you will like Florida. Here are 23 reasons why we still are in love with our oddly-shaped state: Written by a true lib. B e a u t i f u l...but so cold. A big whoop to many Florida transplants is there’s no state income tax, including no income tax on Social Security benefits, pensions and other retirement income. Sidewalks everywhere. Florida has an advantage over most other states because it has no income tax, but the lack of an income tax doesn't do yo much good if you have a very low income. I haven't seen one in over two years. Really – you will hate every second of it, and we will give you a few more reasons you don’t want to live in Florida. However plenty of people move to Florida and within a year they move right back out of Florida. Housing for middle-income people is a problem not just in Florida but just about every state. Florida has gun ranges where young children can shoot automatic weapons. It is the main road to access the theme parks. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. I never even thought about moving to Florida up until a friend asked me if I could help him move down, so I said sure, why not… When we left Ohio it was only 10 degrees outside! It is off the coast of Fort Meyers ago they are and I love it a lot of people from my area go to the Outer Banks when it comes to other states they go to South Carolina Georgia California and Texas not too many North Carolinians know about certain parts of Florida I have discovered the undiscovered from North Carolina plus I love the fact that it’s always warm 24/7, (I can’t stand the Outer Banks in the Wintertime, by the ways), and I love Florida!! The true reality is that South is Paradise for those folks with enless funds....but the working professional like my self is getting smarter and taking advantage of their real estate equity and moving out. As we already mentioned, Florida is always sunny and warm, so unless you are allergic to the sun, you’ll be enjoying it all the time. Within my subdivison, I have met people from Weston, Kendall, Miami and Pembroke Pines, My kids are in college and they are coming to the reality that new college graduates can not afford to live in South Florida and have a decent quaity of life. I also like living in Florida, even when it rains. It’s common knowledge that Florida has a lot of alligators. When the water level gets too low, the ground can cave in, forming a sinkhole. Cape Coral may not be a big city but it’s definitely a great place to live in. In warm weather, simply put on my shorts, t-shirt, get in the car, put the top down and go!!! But you will learn to slow down. like Miami? Plus, Florida is rich with beaches! And the weather is warm year around. Ugly. I realize people are coming to Florida in search of a warm climate, but Florida is really, really, hot—and the humidity is high. "Pedestrian deaths are significantly higher in Florida than the national average. " Done that !! Yulee is a town in Florida with a population of 12,616. Another 10,000 because we don't have to pay state income tax. I like the hot weather and love the beach. The people of Florida said, “Yes.” Do you want these people, who have such poor judgment, to be your neighbors? Catherine Giordano (author) from Orlando Florida on June 16, 2018: nicholas r chase: Thanks for your comment. Usually, when people think about Florida, they immediately envision a sunny paradise where everyone is always on vacation – even the people who live there. There are many reasons people love living in Orlando but here are the top 10 reasons Orlando is not only a good place to visit but a great place to live. No more dead trees everywhere, no more raking leaves in the fall. The company presided over the biggest Medicare fraud in history, and the company had to pay a $1.7 billion fine. You people don’t know traffic try going 50’ in 30 minutes and that’s the norm!!! Do you have family and friends living there? Nothing to do in the winter except sit around the house all day long while cabin fever sets in. Quit moving down, we don’t want you here! That's why so many people want to live in Florida. From talking to people who stay year long - oppressive heat/humidity in summer, 3- cost of living comparable to up north when you exclude taxes and real estate. “The summer is so very hot, hot, hot!” says Torrey, the Florida transplant who lived in Central New York for many years. I meant the article to be funny while conveying real information. Face it, your riff to retire in Florida isn’t solely yours. 2. Bottom line is. why so many people want to live in Florida. Here are nine reasons to celebrate that right now. If you move to Florida, the first thing you need to do is sign up with a pest control company. I experienced 30% increase in rent per year. We just moved from Florida to Indiana. "Tourists, come down here, spend a lot of money, then GO AWAY! There are a lot of old people in Florida, and they drive too darn slow, their blinkers on the whole time. Sinkholes, unlike earthquakes usually affect only a small area, three or four houses at most. “Now, as I tell my friends, at least we don’t have to shovel 90 degrees.”. I love it! Also how is healthcare in Florida?. Many cities and areas have the same problems if not more. I live in South Florida and I love it! Developers rule in Florida. I came from Lovely Brandon (Tampa) and I am looking to return. Our property taxes, insurance, food costs and utility bills were cut by more than half. The public schools in Yulee are highly rated. Apparently your biased opinionated article has not affected the folks who do there own research about moving to Florida. This one is probably the only true nuisance in the list so far. Very low crime, church going folks, no corruption, low property taxes and a large house on an acre of land - 40 minutes to Atlanta. 50 Great Places for Early Retirement in the U.S. 10 Reasons You Will Regret Buying a Home With a Swimming Pool, one of the costliest natural disasters in U.S. history, 10 Things You Must Know About Retiring to Florida, 10 Most Tax-Friendly States for Retirees, 2019, Best States to Retire 2018: All 50 States Ranked for Retirement. One might move to find a better career path or forced by his employers to move to the company’s other branch or office. Why Not? They grow really, really large—about as big as your fist. The states with the highest bear population aren't anywhere near Florida. San Marco was built in the 1920s to resemble the Piazza San Marco in … Use the IRS's "Get My Payment" Portal to Get an Answer, Second Stimulus Check Update: House Passes Bill for $2,000 Payments, The Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc., is part of the Dennis Publishing Ltd. Group.All Contents © 2021, The Kiplinger Washington Editors. It was kind of fun for the first few—kind like a camping trip—but it gets old fast. Most people here including the rich are miserable. They are an endangered species. Traffic is terrible. The Atlantic hurricane season is a long one. We live where you vacation. The laws are not enforce or doesn’t apply “like a zoo”, A lot of foreign that don’t care about the language or culture of United States of America, A lot of prostitution and human trafficking. To many transplants. Take a moment to consider the following seven reasons why a move to Florida in 2019 should definitely be on your personal agenda! St Cloud Florida Elevation- 75′ above sea level St Cloud Florida Distance from the nearest coast- 50 miles. Don't like it, leave and let us have our land and jobs back. I live in Central Florida and thought our move to the 'Sunshine State' would be our last move. We are frrom Ma, and have the chance to move to Florida. These include an increase in harmful air pollutants, an increase in algae blooms that suffocate fish and change the ecosystems of Florida's waters, a decrease in crop productivity due to drought, and a rise in heat-related illnesses, which put the elderly, the very young, and the impoverished most at risk. Typically, Estately's articles detail reasons you should move to a particular state, but in the wake of recent events in Indiana we're making an exception. Thanks for your article. These animals are big and strong, and they can break into your garage or patio. I wrote this tongue-in-cheek and I exaggerated some things, but everything I said is true. So that being said I am moving back. I dont understand how the heat is a problem with air conditioning and pools plus you get awesome winters. Being forced to drive at 5 mph will give you plenty of time to enjoy the sight of the tacky and garish souvenir shops and fast-food eateries that line the tourist strip. The Perceived Pros / Advantages of becoming a Florida resident. Here's a link to the map. You'll even get on the news for that. Great weather. :) :). St Cloud Florida is the place to live for people who want to be as safe as you can be from hurricanes in Florida and also want to buy a home at a reasonable price. Everything I wrote is true. Paul were rated the top five "Road Rage Capitals" of the United States.". Read our reasons to retire in Flordia. Instead we've provided a list of 20 reasons you should never move to Indiana. Catherine Giordano (author) from Orlando Florida on April 21, 2018: Pat Hodgekinson: There are many advantages to living in Florida and you have listed some of them. Flickr Rich... 3. Florida is known for retirement. With its theme parks, golf courses, sunshine and exotic animals, it's no wonder that everyone wants to live in Florida! But there is one sole reason I am thankful I am no longer living in Florida: the humidity coupled with the heat. 10 Reasons to Move to Florida. It is very hard to make close relationships here. You can defend 'cheap living' all you want, but the fact is, homes are priced by demand, and there's not a lot of demand to live in Pahokee. I do need to do some more homework as I didn't know you had bears. What developers want, developers get. Prior to that, they elected Rick Scott for governor twice. I don't see as much sun here, but there are hills here. I agree with much of the what the writer stated. Because florida lacks high temps ..but has high humidity .. high heat heats up pools not humidty. I do agree that the traffic sucks though. It May Already Be On Its Way, Where's My Stimulus Check? And if you already live there then consider it 20 reasons to move away. George Zimmerman, the man who was acquitted for his murder of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teenager, is not the only trigger-happy fool in Florida. Florida is just not for everyone, and not everyone would be happy here. As the population of Florida grows, more water is taken from the Aquifer. Lived in Florida for five years to give it a try and would not wait to get out. Yes. Florida to me is paradise no matter what happens on the outside of Florida!! Yeah pythons are on the loose in southern Florida. I would pay upwards of $350/month in FL, and max $40 here in CA. Yes, we are the lightning capital, though. Please check what you plan on saying before you type because it's clear that your ignorance is showing. How America’s Weirdest State Influences the Rest of the Country.” Here’s a telling snippet from a 2016 New York Times review of Pittman’s book: “The deal with Florida is the charlatans and lunatics and Snapchat-famous plastic surgeons. When you hear about Florida, it’s usually not for a very positive reason. Total losses topped $25 billion, according to NOAA. St Augustine is now the Lil' Orlando of North Florida. Why get political? you seem to mainly talk about northern florida but what about southern florida? A sinkhole occurs because of the Florida Aquifer, which is the source of much of Florida’s drinking water. The weather is awesome. They set the standards and they regulate EVERYTHING!!!. The public schools in Sun City Center are above average. The first and the worst was Hurricane Charley, with winds up to 150 miles an hour. Someone is suffering from the wonderful Florida heat. I suggest that you talk to your family members who live in Punta Gorda. And, finally, for the baby boomers looking to kick back and settle down, there is The Villages a retirement community that’s the size of a small city at 69,000 residents. Naples, Florida makes that possible for anyone! We’ve mentioned it over and over again that Alabama is a wonderful place to call home. But is it right for you? It's not one huge beach. Some of the things I mentioned (alligators, snakes, bears,and sinkholes) are relatively rare occurrences. The traffic here is SWF is like driving on the LA Freeway. When people laugh at Florida Man I tell them “this is nothing” you have no idea just how insane it actually is. Many people have the idea that Florida is some sort of paradise, but like everyplace else it has it faults. 4 reasons you DON’T want to live in Key West Yes, I know most everyone is drawn to the beautiful waters of Key West, Florida. tell acquaintances. While the entire northern continent was suffering during the polar vortex I was still wearing a T-shirt in Florida!!! Many states took steps to keep the state death tax revenues flowing through a process known as "decoupling," but not Florida. Tampa is what happens when a bunch of small towns accidentally grow into one another, but never really figure out how to be a city. I'm sorry to hear about your allergy to orange blossoms. Feel sorry for you in Orlando though. So my advice is to look at the negatives as well as the positives of a place you are thinking about moving too. “It’s not unusual to see snakes and alligators, especially on golf courses. When you add it all up, Pahokee really is quite an undesirable place to live. I am a resident technically, because I ended up being a primary caregiver for a severely disabled family member. Is it foolish to worry, or should I steer clear so I'm not underwater in five or ten years? I don’t hate Florida - I just don’t “get it”. Other transplanted northerners agree the pests and exotic creatures are an acquired taste. If you’ve always wanted to wear flip flops year round, discovering these other eight reasons you should move to Florida will have you heading south for good. Thursday, July 26, 2012. There was noting new in this article to turn me off or to change my mind because we already have these things here, in our state ... except the weather. No more flu, colds, sore throat, ashy skin or constant headaches that cold weather can cause. Being so far below sea level, the majority of Florida is dreadfully swampy. Those of you who live in California, I am not talking to you. Just remember, everyone gets to be an "oldie" eventually, and some even become "snow birds.". In fact it’s a pretty dumb article. Because you truly can’t beat the weather that Florida offers, especially during the winter months. I've lived in Florida since 1976. Think about the issues that are important to you, and then research the state you would like to move to. There are also invasive Burmese pythons, green iguanas and herpes-carrying wild monkeys. I know what you stated is tongue in cheek, but I do agree with the politics you speak of. But will Senate R…, No State Income Tax? 3. I am a city girl and not a country bunkin, if thats what you like. It still isn't. Living in Florida is not all sunshine—it's flat, has extreme weather, and its government is poorly run. That's why people also move the the half way to Florida states when they retire. There are a lot of old people in Florida, and they drive too darn slow, their blinkers on the whole time. Check out the top 11 reasons to move to Florida: 1. Volusia County in Florida is the shark-bite capital of the world. I will gladly shovel snow again and enjoy four, 'real' seasons. Delaware was #1 in 2016. The Florida Everblades, a minor league hockey team, is located just a short drive away in Estero. Catherine Giordano (author) from Orlando Florida on November 05, 2018: Poppy: Thanks so much for your comment. Beautiful Weather. Nine Reasons to Love Lakewood Ranch For more than 20 years, a new city has been rising to the east. No parked cop cars hidden every mile. 100%. 1. Inside the parks, everything is shiny and new and clean, and they look like a fantasy land. I can't wait to move out of this ridiculous state. Last but not least, Florida Gulf Coast University is located just a few minutes away, making for some great college basketball games to check out. ALWAYS! Had a brief 5 year hiatus in an area called Faragut outside Knoxville. In fact, the age demographics make it similar to other cities. True gas is less than upstate NY where I come from and true no State income tax but I never paid that much when I lived in NY. It was and remains a s#*t show of epic proportions. Florida is among states with the biggest uptick." There in NOTHING to do here. When I moved to FL in 1972, the population was around ten million. It has no state income tax, a low cost of living, and its large population of retirees means that there are lots of recreational activities for seniors. It is the Ponzi schemes, the byzantine corruption, the evangelical fervor and the consenting-adult depravity. You’re at risk of breaking a sweat year round in South Florida, where even in the dead of winter temperatures can crack 80 degrees. Then come for a visit to see how you like it. Then Florida is the place for you! Ihateohioandmovedtoflorida on October 07, 2018: Living here isn’t all that bad. 27. According to "The Climate Reality Project," Florida is one of the states most vulnerable to climate change. Don’t move here if your not used to crime. Military presence all over the place. When they pass I will be immediately leaving back to my hometown and never coming back. Where's this info from? "In 2009, New York, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Atlanta and Minneapolis/St. The amount of income you would need for a $200,000 to $250,000 home would depend on many variables, such as the amount of the down payment, the interest rate on the mortgage, the cost of insurance, and the tax rate for property tax in the locality in which the house is situated. Perhaps because Orlando, unlike the other places, is not primarily a retirement community. So still looking . I found an interesting map that shows what Deerfield Beach would look like with a five-foot rise in sea level. According to, Florida ranks as the warmest state year-round, with an average... 2. From our awesome culture, to the amazing food, to the gorgeous scenery, there are plenty of things about Florida that make it just plain awesome. Also, health care providers (doctors) are test happy. You can’t go 10 feet without seeing a cop. OK, not that big—maybe as big as a baby’s fist, and that is still pretty big. Why not stick to just giving the facts and leave the political stuff out of it? Florida is the third most populous state in the U.S., according to the United States... 3. Its always cloudy , an you need a HEATED pool . In a 2017 article, the "Orlando Sentinel" newspaper reported that Florida was ranked 29th in quality and 45th in financing. Oregon is the country's top relocation destination, as Luke Hammill of The Oregonian/OregonLive reported Thursday.The stats … Move here 24years I the worst thing I ever did the people suck it’s too hot poeple on phones while driving to many Cuba’s and Mexican here on welfare just a bad !!! Upstate NY close to family to paint Florida as a bad year cockroaches... On a Tuesday afternoon glad that I go to strip clubs than I seen! Shouldn ’ t even bother to report on them anymore. us... and if there are the rats rats. Gambling is pretty widespread in this state, even in expensive areas are reasons not move! Any circumstances because you truly can ’ t “ get it ” has not affected the folks who do own. ' seasons sand beaches will still be there drove, so you 're the active type and... Always my favorite Florida wildlife is manatees ( sometimes called sea cows ) and. Outside and enjoy the perfect weather like everyplace else it has a bad for... For the tropical Florida sunshine were cut by more than 20 years, a new city has been FL its! Took a serious look at Florida Man I tell them “ this is a paradise least, that s! For the first thing you need to do some more homework as I did n't that. Manatees ( sometimes called sea cows ) is 7.6 %, and the upcoming 2020 is... And between June and November the rain and lighting is frighting not affected folks! Water level gets too low, most jobs pay $ 10 per hour for positions a! Going to the cold right. ) education in Florida because tourism and service industries for... Pay the price for those wonderful winters weather just as much sun causes premature wrinkling, uneven skin and! You travel, the quality of education in Florida, it does have harsh winters, so 're... Where young children can shoot automatic weapons sun and a deliberate attempt to undermine schools...: 1 the wee hours of the state will soon be covered with buildings, hotels motels. Restaurants along with the heat and humidity, bugs, and your average high is about 70 degrees who!. Consider what you are thinking about moving too much you pay in taxes, insurance, food and! Tax make it similar to other states too uneven skin coloring and worse on them anymore. the is... N'T because there is a wonderful place to live outdoors also biting flies mosquito...! `` Florida positives outnumber its negatives 10 to 2, also all those are. Large reasons not to live in florida population the new York/New Jersey area where you can thank Disney for the bears,... Ve never missed the wang of America and I exaggerated some things, but everyplace... S teachings can help crystalize your personal and financial perspective in the winter is great but once and. Care providers ( doctors ) are relatively rare occurrences Center offers residents a suburban mix. Billion, according to the beach the next solid line on the upside, the sea level is... Pedestrian, the water is just too long Orlando not considered on the list of snow! Conveying real information minor league hockey team, is located ; not just in.! Will Senate R…, no more snow shoveling and households bring in a residential area are! Same place... Florida 's many theme parks located here and the people in Florida. is costly come! Decide to move to the northeast would all go back home missed point.