[y/n]:y 1 out of 1 certificate requests certified, commit? I ran into this issue twice: first time was the most frustrating, second time was just a refresher. @romen, you should read the link I provided, it does explain the situation quite well. Doing this will let us merge some test configs. provide DN (Distinguished Name) field values in the configuration file. OpenSSL configuration file allows you to control the behavior of the "req" command with the following options: utf8 - If se... 2016-11-03, 2835, 0, OpenSSL "req" - "prompt=no" ModeHow to use the "prompt=no" mode of the OpenSSL "req -new" command? For more specifics on creating the request, refer to OpenSSL req commands. All rights in the contents of this web site are reserved by the individual author. What is the distinguished_name section in the OpenSSL configuration file? share. [req] default_bits = 2048: encrypt_key = no # Change to encrypt the private key using des3 or similar: default_md = sha256: prompt = no: utf8 = yes # Speify the DN here so we aren't prompted (along with prompt = no above). It may also hold settings pertaining to more # than one openssl command. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: While I understand your frustration with this, and sympathise with your proposed change, we also need to consider that the current behaviour has existed for decades, and is infused in a gazillion scripts out in the wild. OpenSSL "req -new" - "no objects specified in config file" Error. OpenSSL "req" - "prompt=yes" Mode with DN Validations. C:\Users\fyicenter>type test.cnf # unnamed section of generic options default_md = md5 # default section for "req" command options [req] input_password = fyicenter prompt = no distinguished_name = … The distinguished_name section in the OpenSSL configuration file is a required section of options when using OpenSSL "req -new" or "req -newkey" commands to generate a new CSR or self-signed certificate. Sign in As you can see from the output, the "req -new" command For ... 2016-10-30, 1312, 0. OpenSSL will perform value length validations for you. Share a link to this answer. The command generates the RSA keypair and writes the keypair to bacula_ca.key. ⇐ OpenSSL "req" - distinguished_name Configuration Section, OpenSSL "req" - distinguished_name Configuration SectionWhat is the distinguished_name section in the OpenSSL configuration file? Generate CSR (Non-Interactive) Verify Certificate Signing Request openssl genrsa -out server.key 2048 touch openssl.cnf cat >> openssl.cnf <