$39.00. However, anything Chinese is still a lottery. Hello Congratulations on the site, I have a 5.5 k xisico here with the name of AR + b5, installed a spring Hatsan 125 and installed a locking pin thicker, the shot was almost as strong as my rifle nitro six cbc. I would like to purchase a handle cranked chinese b3 air rifle in canada, I was wondering where I would find one? The culprit on such wonderful replica air rifle is that there is no sight rails on it. I seem to have gotted a bad one on my recently purchased AR1000 (TF89/SS1000). Under Lever Air Rifle B3-3. The article appears at /blog/2007/12/how-to-make-a-leather-piston-seal/and a very big THANK YOU for writing it!! The barrel is a trifle longer than 16 inches. Alan,Not sure I'm following about a sleeve transforming the loading and firing? do i need to take off the back sight to use it3. Qty-+ Add to Cart. Cartertools.com, Taig Lathes and Milling Machines, Making Plastic Front Aperture Sight Inserts on the Taig Lathe, Making a Replacement Breech Bolt Screw for a Crosman 150 CO2 Pistol, ARMERIA EOLICA: A Spanish master Airgunsmith's Blog. Update your shipping location. i had a few questions on the 392 peep sight.1. 1. The B3 I’m testing is a.177 caliber single-shot spring-piston rifle that’s cocked by an underlever resting under the barrel. Did the leather piston seal article ever surface?I am about to repair a couple of old springers, (one chinese, and one spanish) – I know one needs a new piston seal.. I’d liek to know what I’m doing since parts are impossible to buy locally. He is a super nice guy and one of the most sought after tuners out there." AIR GUN ACEESSORIES LEAD PELLET RIFLE … That improved the airflow pattern and kept the piston from slamming into the end of the compression chamber. #interested #Good Shop for Low Price Chinese B3 Air Rifle Tune Up And Gamo Hornet Air Rifle Walmart . Today, I’d use Maccari’s Velocity Tar (it wasn’t available in 1996). It was purchased primarily to introduce friends to air rifles. Does anyone know what the published specs are for the BAM XS-B8-1. This rifle weighs 7 lbs. Lets me know these rifle stocks were mostly hand shaped and not cranked out an mass like some many other rifles. Might you be able to direct me to where I could find that article? SKU. Leather is much more adaptable and forgiving for the home tuner, as long as you aren’t going for magnum power. Rather than taking volume out of the transfer port, how about removing the cone shaped seal from the sliding compression chamber, cutting the seal’s cone shaped seat deeper while preserving the angle, and installing the new barrel DEEPER so that the skirt of the pellet pokes into the compression chamber? X-ray visionRay works in the radiology department of a hospital, so he took some X-rays of the trigger parts both cocked and uncocked. From looking at on-line catalogs, my best guess is that it is a B3-1. We've more information about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. It seems that Chinese barrels (especially Shanghai) are very much hit-ot-miss… get a good one, and you can make it into a nice shooter with a little massaging. The goal of this portal is to provide usefull links and information to those who own or are looking for a Chinese air rifle or pistol. I've looked all over the place but can,t find one, so if anyone has got a manual and can scan the Diagram out of it, it would be very much appreciated. The only modification I made to it was to sand its awful stock down and coat it with black truck bed liner. !Dyb, aka Des, Springfield Armory M1A Underlever Pellet Rifle, Powered by WordPress. Hello Derrick38 ; I read a comment on the exchange spring of AR + by Hatsan spring 125. But, the parts have also been found suitable for use in a number of other air rifles. 1295-5. Contact largest Air Rifles manufacturers online to buy in bulk With more than 60 years of growth, we have developed into the biggest and most professional airgun company in China. The TS45 could never achieve that power level with its narrow piston bore and short stroke, so a leather seal was most welcome. IF YOU HAVE ANY NEEDS PLEASE CONTACT US IN TIME. All 24 Air Rifles made in China listed online for wholesale directly from manufacturers, Chinese made Air Rifles imported and exported. I wonder what was the magic that this fellow did? I’m gonna try fixing it by boring it out and fitting a 1077 barrel as a liner. Thanks. Cut out the parallel part of the transfer port and set the barrel back into it. Page up. does it mount on the barrel or reciever2. The receiver, leave the rear sight on, it is possible to remove the rear sight but difficult and about 50 percent. Amazon.com : Lastworld New Air Pellet Rifle Gun B3 5.5mm 22 Caliber Real Wood : Hunting Air Rifles : Sports & Outdoors ... Doesnt smell like cheap made Chinese materials even though it is chinese produced. Pre-Owned. For the Chinese B3-2, the underlever .177, use a 1/4 beveled washer, with a 9/16″ OD, found in the plumbing section of Home Depot, 10 washers for under $2.00. Upon disassembling the gun, I was pleased to find that the piston seal was leather. They did suffer from too many burrs and rough edges, but several hours of careful stoning took care of that. (80 kg gasram) remains to be seen if the trigger myself and the rest of the rifle is not broken. On some guns it also can eliminate contact noise between the cocking lever and mainspring. I will call in short term as Chinese B3 Air Rifle Tune Up For people who are trying to find Chinese B3 Air Rifle Tune Up review. Power by : www.300.cn Air Rifle Air ... Manufacturing Co.Ltd. (Yes smell lol) only a few dings in the wood, but I was expecting that. Thank you for your attention and good shots ! Re: B3 - 1 Manual. Accuracy remained poor, of course. Pressed, threaded, or pinned? I lubricated the compression chamber with moly grease (Beeman M-2-M), soaked the leather piston seal in petroleum oil and put the gun together. New mainspringNext, I installed a Maccari mainspring and lubricated it with Beeman Mainspring Dampening Compound. It is a .177, under lever cocking, fore/aft moving breech loader with no rotation, very short scope mounting rail (approx. The sights are mounted with two silly screws, mounting a scope or red dot is useless as it is to flimsy for the two screws to hold them in place under recoil. The webmaster is a collector of Chinese air rifles but does not have all the knowledge about them. Home; About SNOW PEAK; MARKETING NETWORK; AIR GUN SERIES BREAK BARREL UNDER LEVER FOLDING STODCK HIGH SPEED PCP CO2 AIR PISTOL NEW PRODUCTS. This useful kit contains a selection of spare parts for the Industry Brand B3-1. I guess it’s not a flat seal seated in a cone cut into the metal but a cylindrical cutout, with a seal which is a cylinder on the outside and a cone on the inside. You mentioned an article on making leather seals. Git a bad one, and ferget it! A couple of small irregularities in stock surface on both rifles but not bothersome. + Shipping to: 98837. No – if the goal was to get a good rifle cheap. Chinese Air Rifles. Email. For those of you who have been saddened by the demise of low cost folding-stock "bombproof" Chinese air rifles such as the BAM B3-1, help is at hand! I'm showing my technique to lubricate a break barrel air rifle on the Weihrauch HW95 and Beeman R9 model. He said he would even provide the tuneup guidelines. He and his father, Hans, had modified several Chinese spring rifles with varying degrees of luck, but he strongly recommended that I test and tune one for The Airgun Letter. The lower sealing area would probabaly be more than made up for with higher sealing pressure. Since I had written an article about how to make leather piston seals of any size, I just followed my own instructions and made a tight one. (former Shanghai Air Gun Factory established in 1957) is the oldest airgun manufacturer in China. One of my most vocal readers was a man by the name of Ray Apelles. B3-2 and B3-4 air rifles. I took a $30-40 Chinese sidelever, spent about $150 plus 12-15 hours of time and got the performance of a CZ 630 that I could buy for $80 at that time. Rifled barrel Dedicated for the German and the European market. What’s inside?Upon disassembling the gun, I was pleased to find that the piston seal was leather. Neither was an issue on this gun. Reviews Chinese B3 Air Rifle Tune Up is best in online store. After it was all over, I still had the same opinion of cheap Chinese air rifles, but now I had added some hands-on experience. Chinese Model B3 Air Rifle Mods: part one. OK, this is the guy who posted the last comment. Derrick's Uncle's "Life With a Knife Edge", a great knife blog. But in more recent times, they have manufactured airguns of other airgun companies own designs. I got an increase of 40-50 fps. $45.33. Was going through your B3-1 post. from doing just these minimal things, plus removing all the burrs in the action. Chinese B3 Air Rifle Manual Rating: 6,4/10 8400 reviews. Velocity increased with the same H&N pellet to 666 f.p.s. to 580 f.p.s. I did lube the trigger parts with moly. All content, pictures and text, at copyright Nicholas Carter and Derrick Kortvejesi respectively, 2008-2011 and on through time until we run out of pellets. New barrelFinally, I shipped the action to Dennis Quackenbush, who installed a Lothar Walther barrel for me. I would like recommend that you check always the latest price before buying. 5.0 out of 5 stars Chinese B3 .177 cal Air Rifle. I am particularly interested in an exploded assembly diagram and a parts list. Accuracy went from 2″ at 10 meters down to under 1/4″. BAM B3-1 Tune Up Part 1 Nick sent this to me several months ago in a box that must have been wrapped in about 1200 feet of clear packing tape. I have just acquired a BAM XS3 and I want to renew the mainspring and seal. Best of all is the price - with a super tuneup from Mike thrown in. Member; Posts: 66; B3-1 .22 Spring Guide Replacement and Tune « on: December 23, 2008, 10:03:48 AM » Well, aside for building the aluminum trigger guard for my TF99, I'm done with … Plus two thousand Chinese pellets for $9.95. Verified Purchase. Archer Airguns has secure the supply of a limited number of QB6 air rifles, releasing them from years of slumber in a forgotten warehouse. Its been said that the bam is a low powered gun but a bit of tweaking and the uk power limit of under 12 ft lbs is very much called for if any one is needing any tuning tips drop me a line at my email address boyle1962@yahoo.co.ukIf theres a Bam .22 for sale please contact me as well.One thing I would mention is that no ones mentioned fitting s piston sleeve which does transform the loading and firing could be worth a go guys.cheers for nowALANSheffield/England. Yesterday, we saw what kind of performance to expect from an inexpensive Chinese airgun. However, I still feel you could make a cone shaped cut TO THE SEAL so as to allow the barrel to be set back. I read some of your recent reviews of the Contender series and they were all favourable. Snowpeak Airguns originally manufactured classic Chinese B3 types underlever air rifles, and similar models. The velocity was just over half the advertised speed, and accuracy was out the window. Can anyone tell me where I can buy these parts? Sort of gives you that personalized feeling. I to would very much like to read your article on making leather seals, is it available online? Air Gun Mods and Tunes » B3-1 .22 Spring Guide Replacement and Tune « previous next » Print; Pages: [1] 2 Go Down. As you can see in the X-rays, the trigger doesn’t function like you might think.