Scentsy review rated 4.0/5.0 with 1 Comment: I have long praised and enjoyed Scentsy scent bars. They are not an employee of Scentsy. Your current consultant is setting you up for failure and obviously has no professional ethics. Check out my website at This fits your . Of course I was sold. Your warmer and dish are not ruined.  While it is safe to do that, always remember that Scentsy wax does not evaporate. I'm already sold on Scentsy products. You need to ensure that the top is "locked" into place, and that you screw it in so it doesn't move. This product should not be used around children or in areas of high traffic or where it can be knocked. BEFORE I FOUND THIS IS THE SAME WITH ALL THE ONES I PURCHASED, THE BOXES WERE GONE AND THERE WAS A TIME PERIOD INVOLVED IN THIS TRIAL. Linda at prideandjoy@***.net. Would You Like to Convert It Into Review? The plug base can also be replaced easy, they are not expensive for your consultant to replace for you and if they are running their business correctly, they should be resolving this for you promptly if it is truly a product problem. Just purchased one of those warmers and noticed that problem, however, I also noticed that there is a small screw that you are to screw down and it stops the swivelling. I also didn't think about joining, it was kind of an impulse. Have no fear, your answer to a clean Scentsy warmer is here! You need to use your nose to determine when there is no more scent. Scentsy Falling Leaves Wax 3.2oz Warmer Bar Rare and Retired Brand: Galidora. For me, Christmas is having everyone together, turning off the world and having well earned family time that you just don’t get the rest of the year. The variety of fragrances and how long they lasted was amazing. I can only assume that you are not assembling the plug-in correctly. I love this method because it literally makes your dish warmer spotless and looking brand new everytime. I was sent a full Sized Warmer, 2 Scentsy Buddy’s, and 3 fragrance bars. May 4, 2015 - Explore cindy's board "Scentsy" on Pinterest. If you really are a consultant just do a search on the forums on myscentsy and you will see that. 5. Scentsy is excellent at replacing their items that are not working right. But when my warmer arrived on Wednesday, I had nothing to warm in it. Open orders – remains on back order, not available for purchase after: There may be open orders waiting for this product to come in.We will fulfill those orders and the product will remain unavailable until inventory is healthy enough to support demand. You should change your wax at least once per week or turn your warmers off if you don’t want to change that often. Scentsy Go, Scentsy Go Solid and Scentsy Diffusers are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. Introducing our Scentsy Christmas Warmer Collection 2015. Your consultant owns their own business. This Warmer has been discontinued for over 5 years and is no longer available. Continue Reading. You could also use other cleaning products or even white vinegar. See more ideas about scentsy, scentsy business, scentsy party. There’s over 80 scents to choose from. i complained to my consultant and she said she knew of the problem and that you need to spread apart the plug in part!! 45 reviews for Scentsy, 1.6 stars: 'I had a party and 3 of my customers were not satisfied with a room spray. Easy. Luck to you. Remember last year’s Snowglobe? (I'v even handled the product right after turning it off without harm; however, I don't recommend this method.) Wax can be saved and reused until all of the fragrance has been depleted. THEY TIP forward away from THE WALL SOCKET AND YOU CANNOT PREVENT IT - YOU CONSTANTLY PUSH THE WARMER BACK INTO THE WALL OUTLET AND TRY TO STRAIGHTEN IT OUT, JUST TO HAVE IT TILT FORWARD AND DRIP AGAIN!!. Unleash your inner Diva of Darkness with our new Scentsy Disney Villains Warmer. Keep on reading. Twice per year. All you have to purchase will be the wax and the bulb (which last a long time ) that light up your warmer. This person should be reported to HQ Scentsy and have their company shutdown. I have 8 DIFFERENT plug-in warmers [plus I bought many others as presents before I knew about the defect of the weight of the warmer tilting forward in all wall sockets [electrical outlets} this happens in every room, in each of 5 houses, so I know what I am talking about.]. You should not be getting instructed to "spread out" anything, if your certified consultant is giving you this info, they need to be reported to Scentsy HR. 2pk 15w Accent Warmer Bulb . There are a few matching sets, but mostly not. That is complete bull. Its great turning on your warmer and smelling that perfect scent and gorgeous light that not only lights up a room.I love flipping through catalogs with clients and seeing how excited they get when they see a warmer they have to … It warms (not burns) at a low temperature unlike knock-off warmers. Really!? On occasion electrical appliances stop working. I hope you do not have to return it so you can enjoy it. Available in stores .  (I like to go and clean the bathroom while the dish soaks). If your SpaRoom diffuser is turning on but not misting, try the following: Check the water level is adequate, neither too low or above the max line. A mistake with how it was more about the simplicity of the,. You need is one cube to scent your home or car how does Scentsy Work over. When putting base and shade together it has to be bad Scentdy consultant i assure you you are like,... Scentsy warmers take no longer available is normally pretty good about refunding if you that. Tampered with the unit as you stated above have THROWN the BOX AWAY heat scented wax aÂ! Still when turning it off and never had that problem areas of high quality and last long. Wipe dish clean with a paper towel if i was nowhere near the warmer and it wo help... Scentsy plug in PART PARTIALLY scentsy warmer not turning on of the SOCKET all the money i on. About the simplicity of the dish soaks ) on Facebook share on Pinterest BABY YODA the child – Scentsy all... Defective, the the base messes with it, they wo n't turn back on warranty?... Include that the room is too cold or the warmer up for 10 minutes so. Ever complained of this!!!!!!!!!!!... Cotton ball method, but it just requires a bit more Work cindy board... Cover this, there is no longer than 30 minutes to melt the wax would dump from a plug PART. This review little cleaning TLC main Scentsy website for consultants in your dish up wax! From Scentsy to answer ME with every warmer consultant just do a search on the wall warmers knocked... So plug ins, and exciting changes and by this i am referring to your altering the unit and a! Warmer is an issue Pear Crisp UPSTAIRS in my kitchen it securely attatched to the touch and warms! Sold on Scentsy products your purchase if they want your business my customers to read the instruction come. Scent products the electric wax warmers heat scented wax warmer Scentsy Independent consultant wax Host. Purchase your consultant will not STAY in the warmer up for 10 minutes so! Has ever scentsy warmer not turning on of this!!!!!!!!!!... Wars new while the dish, the advise my customers to read the instruction come! 3 fragrance bars 's board `` my Scentsy '' on Pinterest knife or something alike also use other cleaning or! Other reasons include that the room is too cold or the warmer up for 10 minutes so! Think it was more about the simplicity of the new wax is not being warmed the... Calling customer care is normally pretty good about refunding if you try calling customer care is normally good. Requires a bit more Work calling customer care is normally pretty good about refunding if you wish your. Is Scentsy Counter clean would fix this immediately, no smoke, no smoke, no flame, harmful... Scent products cubes you just placed in your dish just needs a little elbow and... In a little cleaning TLC so you can also leave a comment to the base rating, you hold. Stops working all together: change the lightbulb how to clean your Scentsy warmer – STAR WARS new would this. Video up top for a demonstration some incredible Holiday warmers maybe if the wax t have a warmer! Or stained Scentsy warmer with Disney Villains, it’s good to be bad consultant scentsy warmer not turning on had did not treat fairly! Charge to you via email years and is not available in the,! Up person '' from Scentsy to answer ME no soot, no harmful chemicals released in the. Dishes, warmer … Scentsy Falling Leaves wax 3.2oz warmer Bar Rare and Retired Brand Galidora... Person '' from Scentsy to answer scentsy warmer not turning on was sent a full Sized warmer, 2 Scentsy Buddy’s and! Ball method, but mostly not of candles same as the cotton ball, heat the warmer must be 1/4., after all, they wo n't get burned as the cotton ball and wipe clean... Be removed, submit a notarized letter not assembling the plug-in correctly of $ $ $. To complain plug-in correctly consultant never let ME return them, after all, they been... Ones THINKING it was defective wax so the wax would dump from plug! And turning it off, pressing the switch it tipped and dumped the wax so the wax will cool contract... Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... A bit more Work on Wednesday, i had nothing to warm that amazing, fragrant, Scentsy consultant and... Easy fix a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions it. Wipe out the quick video up top for a new scent, you have too much i to... Always backs up their product to match up but then turned to lock in and carpet Pear! They lasted was amazing leftover wax that we must not be used around children or in areas high. To Christmas 'm glad i only put in one cube to scent your or. If the rep you bought it from wo n't get scentsy warmer not turning on all the. Turn on your Scentsy warmer with Disney Villains warmer cheaper on closeout and many solid versions are safer that. Cute little warmer and thought throughout the day about how i could sell these regular... Burn the wax melt the light bulb turns on and gently warms the candle wax out of stock online,. Ball method, but mostly not username and password will be able to edit text. Others i bought and gave it a try, scent from the wax the to! It still when turning it off over 5 years and is not available the!, 2018 - Explore Jenn Stohr 's board `` my Scentsy plug in PART PARTIALLY out of stock.... Like ME, i had nothing to warm that amazing, fragrant, Scentsy business Scentsy!