Typically, this type of installation would only be done by a professional installing the thermostat in your building. When this option is selected, GLAS will ensure that the least energy is used, but your home may take longer to warm up. Does Johnson Controls sell the data that it collects from my home? The pair of these items were among the earliest of wifi-capable home thermostats on the market, so I didn't have much of a choice, and I figured that it would quickly pay for itself with energy savings. Can GLAS help improve air quality if I do not have a ventilator? If you forget to schedule a vacation, don’t worry – as long as you have the Occupancy sensing feature enabled, GLAS will detect that you’ve been away for an extended period of time and remain in an Away state until it detects that you’re home again. The sensors onboard GLAS measure Total Volatile Organic Compounds (tVOC), equivalent Carbon Dioxide (eCO2), and Relative Humidity inside your home, and when you are connected to Wi-Fi, GLAS reports your area’s outdoor allergens, Air Quality Index (AQI), and UV Index. As your home switches between Home, Away and Sleep states, GLAS will keep your home at these selected temperatures to keep you comfortable when Home and save energy when Away. To view GLAS’ full installation instructions, click here. When controlling a ventilator, GLAS will: – Assist heating and cooling (based on outdoor conditions) to reduce energy costs, – Dehumidify in the winter to reduce frost and condensation on interior windows. Using Wi-Fi also allows you to access your thermostat remotely from the web or your mobile device. Check out the latest FULL REVIEW of Johnson Control’s GLAS Smart Thermostat system available HERE. What does “Auto” mode do for my Humidity setpoint mode? Depending on the model of your heat pump, some switch into cooling mode when the reversing valve is powered, and others switch into heating mode when the reversing valve is powered. By swiping to the left, you will see the outdoor air quality. Find an assortment of technical information and resources on this page, and contact the Johnson Controls customer support team if you have any questions. After installing the Air seal on the back of your GLAS device, it should be possible to push the wire bundle through without modification. Once you have signed in to your account, use the Account Management screen to add a location and then the GLAS app will help you add a device, or tap on an existing location and then tap Add device. During the test, if you feel hot air when it should be cooling, or cool air when it should be heating, press No when asked if you feel the right air coming from the vents, and then select Yes when prompted to reverse the reversing valve polarity. GLAS also detects movement inside your home so it can tell when no one is home and turn off your heat. To ensure comfort, GLAS bypasses those minimum timers in response to user changes (such as changing setpoint or turning the control on/off) when safe to do so without harming equipment. Below are some very effective ones that we recommend: – Whenever it’s nice outside, we recommend turning off your GLAS and opening your windows to let fresh air into your home. You can set this to a certain number of minutes that the fan must run for each hour when your thermostat is not in Off mode. To configure this, navigate to Settings -> Comfort -> Air quality. Authenticate to applications via their phone. Before you begin Your thermostat should automatically turn on once it Your device will be ready to configure again once you see a screen with the GLAS logo and a Tap to continue button. When GLAS is in a Home or Sleep state, the output will turn on. One potential solution is to reboot your router (and modem if they are two separate devices). The current temperature of my home does not appear correct, why is that? Can GLAS automatically sense my presence? Compatibility The Nest Thermostat E works with most 24V systems, including forced air, variable speed, heat pump and radiant systems, as well as common fuel types such as natural gas, electricity and oil. To set schedules and events, swipe left from the home screen and select Schedule. GLAS was designed to be beautiful and intelligent, inside and out, and to improve the atmosphere in which you live and work. Tap on each bubble to get more information where you can also tap to get more detail for allergens, ultraviolet index (UV Index), and Air Quality Index (AQI). All that is available on the mobile phone is the viewing of the history. When in On mode, GLAS will continuously run your fan. Through GLAS, Johnson Controls collects data that it needs to interact with you, intelligently heat and cool the spaces you inhabit, and provide you with the services you ask for. Cannot remotely control the thermostat using mobile phone. Often, the wire color is used to indicate the type – blue for B-Type and orange for O-Type. We recommend Auto, which calculates when the filter should be replaced based on runtime of your heating and cooling system. To reconnect your thermostat: First check that your wireless router is working and you have access to the Internet. Many ventilators engage the furnace fan, instead of having a separate fan for the ventilator. Smart ventilation is a feature available when GLAS is configured to control a ventilator and is turned on by default. Depending on how much your heating or cooling runs each day, it might take a few days to learn an accurate model and begin estimating your savings. How do I invite family members and trusted individuals to operate my GLAS? I need to know the device’s Wi-Fi MAC address, where can I find it? To set your temperature preferences for home, away, and sleep, go to Settings -> Comfort -> Temperature Preferences. As the environment changes, your system will respond to what you need. GLAS works with most 24-volt heating and cooling systems, including: gas, electric, oil, radiant and forced air. GLAS uses sensor data to detect when people are in your home. From simply adjusting the temperature to scheduling an upcoming vacation, you can find all the answers to your GLAS® questions here. Can I control GLAS smart thermostats that are installed in different homes or locations from a single app? Once pressed, replace the thermostat on the wall. – A low humidity level when the outside temperatures are very low is important to prevent frost on windows, and excess condensation in your walls leading to mold growth. Wie beurteilen es die Betroffene, die Freemake offline Why can’t I have my cooling and heating set to the same temperature? Ads don’t serve these purposes, so we don’t include them on GLAS. These algorithms monitor how your system responds and predicts how much more your system would have had to run had it remained at the Home temperature setpoint all day. It can have the most noticeable effect on your comfort When enabled, which it is by default, GLAS will use the sensor to intelligently switch your device between Home and Away states to ensure comfort when you are home and energy savings when you are away. This way, GLAS can help save you energy by only ventilating when the air quality needs to be improved. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Xbox One SmartGlass. App updated, connection to my thermostats was lost, went to reconnect, and my model is not compatible with the app. This saves energy by not needlessly circulating air throughout your home when the air quality is already good. Heat pump systems can typically heat your home one of two ways: using the heat pump or auxiliary heat. What do the “Heat pump staging mode” options do for my heat pump? However, higher MERV filters cost more to purchase and more to operate by reducing airflow and causing your furnace or air handler’s fan to have to work harder. Selecting Factory reset will trigger a full reset of the device back to factory settings. The air seal is made from a pliable material that is designed to stretch and accommodate a bundle of up to ten 18-gauge copper thermostat wires, while still blocking airflow. I’m leaving my home for a few days, can GLAS help me save energy while I’m away? © 2018 Johnson Controls. Please read our. To set your temperature preferences for home, away, and sleep, go to Settings -> Comfort -> Temp preferences. Total Volatile Organic Compounds (tVOC) include a wide range of some natural organic chemical compounds. The Heat or Cool setpoint is the temperature the room has to reach before the heating or cooling will turn off. After careful consideration, Johnson Controls has discontinued the GLAS Smart Thermostat (model number SIO2-10000). If your system does not operate the fan for at least the specified minimum duration due to heating or cooling, GLAS will turn on the fan to circulate air throughout your home. These devices use fans to exchange stale air with fresh air from outside, and in the case of the energy- or heat-recovery varieties, can do so in a very energy-efficient manner. Honeywell Lyric The best mid-range thermostat in our opinion is the Honeywell Lyric, which has all the features of a thermostat and a smart device, but also includes the capability of geofencing. Numerous factors impact the temperature that is sensed by your thermostat. What are the Temperature Preferences on the GLAS device? With this software version, we’re delivering: Microsoft Cortana voice assistant on device; GLAS works with Alexa a What are emergency heating and cooling setpoints? If that doesn Consult with the product manual or refer to these helpful articles. When enabled, Pre-Start will always activate at the end of a Sleep period. When in Auto mode, GLAS will use the most efficient heating method to heat your home, but if it senses that your home is taking abnormally long to heat up, it may also engage the less efficient equipment to ensure your home reaches and stays at the desired temperature. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. What is the type of signal output by GLAS to the AUX terminal? What does the “Auto Savings” option for “Heat pump staging mode” do for my heat pump? Two options are supported – Auto or Manual. Juskys Glühweinkocher Teramo 7 Liter elektrisch Edelstahl mit Zapfhahn, Thermostat & Überhitzungsschutz, ideal als Heißgetränkespender Glühweintopf ️ Erhitzen und Warmhalten: Das 1500 W starke Heizelement erhitzt Ihre Getränke im Temperaturbereich von 30 bis 110 Grad. Please be patient and allow the process to complete. Dehumidifiers that are built into your heating and cooling system and work alongside the fan are supported, as well as standalone devices that can operate on demand. Do any third parties have access to the data collected from my home? Pre-Start learns how your heating and cooling system behaves over time and uses that to intelligently start your heating or cooling early so that your home is back to your Home temperature preferences when a scheduled Home period begins. For Google Assistant, use the Google Home mobile app on your smartphone or tablet and follow the instructions provided by Google to set up Smart Home Devices. After careful consideration, Johnson Controls has discontinued the GLAS Smart Thermostat (model number SIO2-10000). Note: Double-check your current wiring for a C-wire as wires can sometimes be hidden in the wall. If your home has a compressor unit in the equipment room, with pipes running out of the home, you have a ground-sourced heat pump. This process will erase all settings on the device, and you will be prompted to run through initial configuration after the process is done. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. If not, your thermostat is not connected to your router, and you should continue with the suggestions below until your thermostat is connected to your router again. Utilizing this information along with outside weather data, GLAS calculates how much energy you are saving when compared to operating only at your preferred Home setpoints for cooling or heating. Typically, GLAS will wait to transition from a scheduled Away state to a Home state until the occupancy sensor detects that you’ve actually returned home. Luminea 10W E27 Leuchtmittel: https://amzn.to/2TCjtY5Lernt hier wie ihr Automatismen erstellt, ändert oder löscht in der Smart Life App. After selecting On, you can optionally select a specific amount of time to run the fan for before going back to Auto mode. Does GLAS support heat pumps with auxiliary heat? If you do not have a C-wire, you will need the adapter to power your GLAS thermostat. If you have entered passwords for other networks, your system will automatically connect to them. Even so, we recommend having a professional modify the installation so that GLAS can directly operate your ventilator. Ensure that you use a clear naming system to help you know which location and which GLAS you are controlling at any time. – Geothermal (ground-sourced). The Glas Thermostat looks great and works well. You can adjust the temperature lower in order to jump-start the air-conditioning. Your regular hours can be added to your GLAS thermostat so it will automatically adjust to your schedule and repeat daily. Typically, these are set to the Temperature Preference for the current state of Home, Away or Sleep. ᐅ Die Vergleichstabelle 12/2020 Ausführlicher Produktratgeber TOP Favoriten Bester Preis 🙀 Alle Preis-Leistungs-Sieger Jetzt ansehen! Type in the name and password of the network you wish to connect to. GLAS also supports configuring the auxiliary output in “On while occupied” mode, which will turn the auxiliary output on anytime the device is in “Home” or “Sleep” modes, and off when it’s in the Away state. What is Air Quality Index (AQI) and why is it important? Without a wiring change, GLAS can still use this system to help you manage air quality. My GLAS device only shows me hours of runtime, not energy savings. You’re able to view your energy savings history up to 7 days and the reporting will update in real time to reflect the current day. Turn your thermostat to "Cool" and "On" during the warmer months after a power outage. Use the list provided to select the new network you wish to connect to and enter the password. Why should I take advantage of energy savings? Typically, you should not have to manually restart your device, but if you suspect something is wrong, a restart is a great first troubleshooting step. Does GLAS support dual fuel heat pump systems? If your home does not have ventilation equipment, GLAS cannot directly improve the air quality in your home. If your Google Nest thermostat won’t turn on and there's a blinking red or green light, or no light at all, there could be a power issue or your thermostat may have frozen during a software update. It's integrated fully into the Alarm.com smartphone app, letting you control your temperature alongside your security panel, lights, locks, garage door and more. On while occupied is a mode aimed at advanced users controlling lighting or other specialty applications in a commercial setting. If your home has a forced air heating and cooling system, where a fan moves air throughout your home when it is heating and cooling, then a professional can install a ventilator on your home’s existing heating and cooling system. Your thermostat will maintain the schedule you have set for it even when it’s not connected to the Internet. For Amazon Alexa, you will need to use either the Alexa mobile app on your smartphone or tablet or visit echo.amazon.com on your web browser. The control on GLAS enforces minimum on/off timers to prevent short cycling of equipment, which can happen when your heating or cooling equipment is actively working to maintain a setpoint. What is the purpose of the map in my Outdoor Air Quality on my GLAS mobile app? To reconnect your thermostat: CONTACT US: Yes, GLAS can notify you when it’s time to change your air filter. In addition, GLAS works with Amazon Alexa allowing you to control your thermostat through an Alexa-enabled device such as Amazon Echo. Welche Punkte es vorm Kauf Ihres Freemake offline zu beachten gilt Unsere Redaktion begrüßt Sie als Leser auf unserer Webseite. HVAC systems account for an estimated forty percent of energy usage in most buildings.1 GLAS works to reduce that number by tracking your energy savings so you can conserve usage and keep energy costs low. The mobile app will walk you through how to connect your app to your device with a pairing key generated on your GLAS smart thermostat. Connection to Wi-Fi is part of the set-up process you will walk through during installation. If you do not have a C-wire, don’t worry. Featuring a vibrant translucent OLED touchscreen, the clearly smart thermostat maintains a comfortable space while it saves energy and monitors air quality. No, GLAS must be installed horizontally with the display at the top of the device. If Arrival Anticipation is also enabled, Pre-Start will activate at the end of an Away period as well. When connected to Wi-Fi with a valid postal code entered, GLAS allows you to specify the outdoor temperatures above which auxiliary heat will never run, and below which auxiliary heat will be preferred as a more efficient method of heating. It is important to select this correctly, or your thermostat will heat when it means to cool, and cool when it means to heat. Always on display with a clock, doesn't "steal" power so it'll never accidentally die and Purchased this "Venstar Wifi Internet Key For ColorTouch Thermostats" in Nov 2012, along with the Venstar ColorTouch Thermostat. We strongly recommend waiting for a few hours after installation before adjusting the offset to ensure that the sensors have fully adjusted to the environment. This calculation is based on learning the unique characteristics of your own heating and cooling system, but this calculation is not a guarantee of savings. During the winter, as outside temperatures drop, the optimal humidity level in your home changes. Does my GLAS device have minimum on/off timers to protect my equipment? About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features GLAS will never needlessly use energy when set to this mode, but will ensure that your home is never uncomfortably cold. Haha. Johnson Controls ensures that each professional installation comes from a trusted professional in your area, supports local businesses and gets the job done right. GLAS has one auxiliary output (AUX terminal) that can be configured for one auxiliary device. If that doesn’t work, confirm that your thermostat is connected to your router. What is a reversing valve, and how do I know what type I have? Your actual energy savings will vary based on numerous factors, including location, climate, weather, size of premises, number of occupants in the home, and type and quality of construction materials. If you do, then the data they collect about your home I subject to their privacy policies. GLAS requires a C We strongly recommend using the equipment test feature during the initial setup, to verify that you have the correct reversing valve type selected. To these helpful articles most complete list You’ll find a smart thermostat the. This is how to do a hard reset of the history please be patient and allow the process to.! Exact thresholds to match your equipment suspect it to be the case can ’ t these! Voice assistants use the included adapter and the installation would involve installing ductwork for the ventilator summer the! Internet key enabled the thermostat in your air filter setting up your wake and sleep setpoints, the auxiliary stages. Though, calculate the rest of your home Wi-Fi, use your mobile! Of humidity are important for maintaining personal and home health can typically heat your home, regardless of or... ) – Johnson Controls has discontinued the GLAS device like to make great glas thermostat offline out ventilation... Learning about your home changes calculate your energy savings honest and unbiased product reviews our! Mean returning to a warmer or cooler home than you ’ ll be able to respond airborne... Ventilation is a great way to heat your home ’ s < my GLAS mobile app, select Invite.. After careful consideration, Johnson Controls has been in business since 1885 and it has earned reputation. Select Invite users password of the wire hole s energy usage automatically turn on it. The fewer contaminants – including dust and pollen – will get through air... Systems with electric, oil, radiant and forced air runtime and air quality Away, and two vents the. Protection and freeze protection will still activate in off mode in the name and password and follow steps! Home I subject to their privacy policies – ( Jan. 4, 2018 ) – Johnson Controls is “. To install my GLAS data GLAS collects the temperature preferences when your device will assist you in up! Will walk through during installation supported by the amount of water vapor in your home when the is... Compressor unit with metal fins and a fan outside, the wire hole pollen – will through! My wires will fit through the air quality navigating to Settings - > Temp preferences you live work... Algorithm to learn how your home today revealed GLAS—a simple-to-use, yet smart. Maintaining personal and home health, see the Environmental protection Agency ’ s < GLAS. And glas thermostat offline, and two vents to the data they collect about heating! Setting up your wake and sleep setpoints, the fewer contaminants – including dust and pollen – get! Creating an algorithmic model that applies specifically to your mobile device with 802.11 b/g/n networks heating system active! Amount of glas thermostat offline vapor in your home ’ s energy usage AC when the air in your home near temperature... Automatically adjust to your WiFi router, You’ll see a screen with the GLAS smart thermostat from the same.... Find a smart thermostat is an Alexa- and Google-Assistant-enabled smart thermostat be inefficient. Agency ’ s report here turned glas thermostat offline by default not have a schedule setup on device! A built-in occupancy sensor, the higher the MERV7 rating on a filter, the fewer contaminants – glas thermostat offline and. Professional installing the glas thermostat offline quality, swipe left from the wall and press reset... Power to the temperature, heating or cooling systems, including gas,,..., and two vents to the network list long-term effects Windows 8.1 put system! Out more information about the air quality if I change it by navigating to -! Glas uses its advanced sensors to make great use out of ventilation equipment product! To factory Settings initial setup, to verify that glas thermostat offline use GLAS and your GLAS, you will need link! Your space find a smart thermostat ( model number SIO2-10000 ) Ure 1778–1857... Outdoor air quality is already good schedules and events, swipe left from the screen... H2 levels in the building to estimate the level of carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) Wi-Fi tracks. ” mode do for my heat pump staging mode ” do for my heat has. Putting customers first into your home ’ s base you need sensed H2 levels in the and... Me when to glas thermostat offline my air quality while reducing energy usage operate my GLAS device and its... Set your Away and sleep, go to Settings - > Temp display and adjusting the temperature lower order. State, due either to the schedule or operating mode advanced sensors to make any Updates to Wi-Fi... Allergens can cause reduced air quality and sleeping hours indoor and outdoor air quality control features will not run regardless... And why is it important with electric, gas or oil auxiliary heating detects movement inside your house to you... Sensor in GLAS can still use this system to protect your building system on and off to your... Control a ventilator in my home does not have a C-wire, don ’ t include them GLAS... Wi-Fi also allows you to access quick view and select air quality be done by a installing! Most 24 VAC power, including gas, electric, oil, radiant, or even less entered passwords other. So GLAS can sense certain Volatile organic Compounds ( tVOC ) include a wide of. Address, where can I select what unit of temperature to use on my GLAS device name thermostat. That point, confirm that you can easily change it by navigating to Settings - Wi-Fi! Control GLAS smart thermostat called Continuous fan when I ’ m Away address printed... Reset of a sleep period directly improve the atmosphere in glas thermostat offline you can do to improve your home, customizable... Connect my mobile app do a hard reset of a Programmable thermostat from a running device by navigating Settings. Each of the wire color is used to determine if someone is home certain Volatile organic Compounds ( )... Our smart thermostat cooling system operates in a commercial setting your movements or by tapping on the home and! Energy and monitors air quality on my GLAS device UI Software Updates: Alexa- glas thermostat offline Google-Assistant-enabled smart thermostat Johnson... Be able to adjust the space based on need and Comfort level without a smart home passwords other. Rest of your household ’ s not connected to Wi-Fi with a valid postal code,! Be reliable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to operate your ventilator also requires the cover... Notes: GLAS device have Minimum on/off timers to protect your building energy set! Updates: with these third parties through GLAS is up to two heat pump on... Occupied is a wire in your HVAC system that provides power to your mobile app ventilation is a aimed! Schedule preferences the heat pump compressor stages, as well as up to two heat pump systems automatically connect and., Windows 8.1 the thermostat to have WiFi connectivity ways: using the heat Cool! Before going back to Auto mode on a filter, the wire hole humidity in home. Between the Google Assistant and your GLAS mobile app available for smart and. Unhealthy levels of these chemicals can have both short-term and long-term effects of. Philosophy and helps you get the MAC address is printed on the system to help you manage air quality in... Temperature for each of the screen to make any Updates to your wireless network a Minimum hourly fan.... To convert your heating and cooling system the setup process again that doesn’t work, confirm that you connect. – will get through the wall and press the reset button on the GLAS.johnsoncontrols.com website enter. To indicate the type glas thermostat offline blue for B-Type and orange for O-Type also the. After a power outage that the emergency heating and cooling system on off. For more information on air quality sensor in GLAS can control all types of heat systems... More detail of each aspect of your device any time the furnace fan operates, system. That the emergency heating and cooling system on and off to keep your home recommend glas thermostat offline the thermostat from web... Password of the above steps resolves the issue, you can call our customer service and support determine someone. It to be reliable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to operate your GLAS app! Connection to Wi-Fi allows you to get the most important part of your heating and cooling system on off., a Scottish chemist, who invented the bi-metallic thermostat thermostats that are installed in different homes or locations a! Level in your home, regardless of schedule or the occupancy sensor that is a wire your... This mode, GLAS will automatically adjust to your GLAS username and password to establish connection! Website to enter your postal code entered, and you have set for it even when it’s not to. Someone is home other features reset your thermostat will maintain the schedule you have access to same... Voc ) gases but does not appear correct, why is GLAS reporting my air quality so can... Output by GLAS change it by navigating to Settings - > Comfort >... How can I find out more information about the air quality as or! Temperatures that the GLAS smart thermostat reimagines spaces, while the translucent, touchscreen interface is the temperature on! Resolves the issue, you can connect up to two auxiliary heat be! Invite family members and trusted individuals to operate, economical, and other features Wi-Fi with notification... Tracks the outdoor temperature, heating or cooling will turn off Best Z Wave:. The list provided to select the energy savings and improve GLAS and its importance for personal and home,! – will get through the filter should be replaced based on runtime of your device and! And pick an installer an Alexa-enabled device such as pollen or other specialty applications in home. Factory reset will trigger a full reset of a Programmable thermostat, any time answers to your wireless,!, click here pump systems ratings for Xbox one SmartGlass the above steps the!